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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Promo Codes for Discounted Pet Supplies



The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Promo Codes for Discounted Pet Supplies

Creating a list of items you need is a good idea when shopping for pet supplies. By doing this, you’ll be able to compare costs online while remaining organized and focused. Also, make sure you visit multiple websites before making a purchase.

Sign up for newsletters and promotions from your favorite online retailers. This will help you keep your inbox clean and get all the valuable discounts.

Free Delivery

You can save even more on pet supplies by taking advantage of free delivery options. Many online retailers offer this service, which can be a real-time-saver for busy pet owners. Before placing your order, compare prices and shipping charges to get the most out of this choice.

Another way to save on pet supplies is by subscribing to retailers’ newsletters. Some online pet supply retailers will announce seasonal sales or exclusive promotions through their newsletters. This is a great way to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of limited-time offers.

Some online pet supplies retailers also partner with pet blogs and websites to provide exclusive discounts to their readers. Signing up for the blog or website often results in receiving a coupon code that allows you to save money on your purchase. These coupons are usually only valid for a short period, and you should check them frequently to ensure they are still active.

Discounted Pet Supplies offers many goods at reduced prices, including bully sticks, healthy dog treats, and animal toys. If you want to save more, you can sign up for the retailer’s rewards program and earn points to redeem for additional discounts.


If you’re a pet owner, you know how expensive keeping your furry friend healthy can be. You may find yourself trudging to the store or specialty pet market regularly to load up on food, toys, leashes, beds, medications, and other supplies. However, you can save time and money by using the auto-ship option. This service delivers your favorite pet foods and other products to you on a schedule that suits you best, allowing you to cancel deliveries at any time.

Chewy offers many subscription services, including beauty replenishment, pantry staples, and pet food. They also offer a coupon code for new subscribers! You might save 10% with this coupon on your subsequent purchase. Click here to learn more about discounts and promo codes for pet supplies. 

The rewards program also gives members exclusive sale prices and member-only coupons. Moreover, members can use the auto-ship option, which automatically adds items to their carts.

Signup Bonus

In today’s economy, it pays to save wherever you can, including when shopping for your pet supplies. Discounted pet supplies can be found from various retailers, including online retailers selling discounted pet products and general e-commerce platforms featuring pet-related items. Many retailers offer discounts and sales to help you save money on essentials like dog food, toys, and beds.

You can also find great deals on pet supplies by checking the websites of local or national discount stores and signing up for their newsletters. You can save money on your first purchase by using the coupons and special offers frequently included in these newsletters for new customers. To ensure you don’t miss any specials or coupons, consider using a separate email address exclusively for these newsletters.

If you use a credit card that earns bonus rewards, it’s also worth looking into the merchant offers available for your card. Many cardholders must realize they can use credit cards at pet stores to earn rewards, so check your cards regularly. You can also save money on pet-related purchases by purchasing gift cards for your favorite pet store at grocery stores that offer bonus categories. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximize your profits and receive the necessary discounts.

Many people’s lives are only complete with their animals. As such, they need to be well cared for, which includes providing them with everything they need to live a healthy life. While buying pet supplies at local shops has been a popular choice for many years, people are turning to online stores for their purchases. There are several benefits to shopping for pet supplies online, from convenience and time-saving to competitive pricing and discounts.

Another benefit of acquiring pet supplies online is the broader selection of offered products. Online retailers are open to physical shelf space to offer more products than brick-and-mortar shops. This can be useful for pet owners seeking goods, such as high-quality dog food or chic cat accessories.

In addition, many online retailers provide free delivery for their customers. Some pet supply stores even provide curbside pickup, saving you the trouble of driving to a store and standing in line at the register. The aged or disabled pet owners who might find it challenging to carry hefty luggage can profit from this service.

Another way to save money on pet supplies is using a credit card with bonus rewards. Log into your credit card account online to determine which merchants and purchase categories are eligible for bonus benefits. For example, some cards give you 3 percent cash back on pet pharmacy and grocery purchases. These cards can be particularly beneficial for pet owners with many recurring expenses like vet visits and medications.

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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial Painters for Your Workspace




The Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial Painters for Your Workspace

Painting your office can be a time-consuming project. You have to prepare the walls, patch up holes, and other things before you can even start painting. Choosing the right painting contractor for your facility is essential to a successful job. You should take the time to interview multiple candidates and ask for references.

Improved Productivity and Satisfaction

A fresh coat of paint can boost morale and increase productivity. A commercial painting Denver contractor can do this quickly and efficiently. In addition, they can consider the layout of your space and recommend colors that will be more effective for your business’s branding, aesthetics, and functionality. Whether working on the interior or exterior of commercial properties, painting professionals constantly strive for quality. They also communicate clearly with other painting team members and clients to keep projects moving forward smoothly and address any concerns. Punctuality is essential for commercial painters, showing that they’re dependable. They also work well under pressure and can meet deadlines without sacrificing the quality of their work. They are also receptive to feedback and opinions from others on how they can improve their work, which helps them stay flexible throughout the project. This allows them to adapt their processes to support a successful outcome on every job.

Increased Property Value

Professional painters know how to prepare surfaces for painting and will work to protect your furniture, flooring, cabling, and other items. They also understand the nuances of different coatings and will apply them correctly for a flawless finish. They have access to tools and equipment that homeowners usually don’t own. From specialized paint sprayers to ladders and scaffolding, they will take care of all the prep work and cleanup so that you can enjoy a stress-free result. They know the importance of first impressions and can advise on color considerations for your brand, location, or business. They will help you select the right colors for your workspace to set the right mood and give you an image that is consistent with the rest of your brand. Additionally, they work within a specified timeline and will ensure the job is done quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. They will also ensure that no paint goes to waste.

Reduced Risk of Damage

When hiring a commercial painting contractor, you want to ensure they have a good track record and plenty of references. It’s also essential to find out if they are licensed and insured. This way, you know they have professional liability insurance that covers any damages caused by them while working at your office. Most professional painters will be willing to provide you with recommendations. If they can’t or refuse to, that’s a red flag. It would be best to ask the painters for their license number, proof of insurance, and any other information you may need. This will help you determine if they are legitimate or not. It will also help you avoid scams and second-rate contractors. If you don’t have time to research independently, ask the painter to list their previous clients and testimonials. Then, you can decide if they’re suitable for the job. If not, you can always hire a different contractor.

Peace of Mind

Businesses must create a good impression on visitors and customers; a fresh coat of paint can help make your workplace look more appealing. A professional painting contractor will work with you to ensure your project is done on time and within budget without any unwelcome surprises. They also know which products are best for your building’s structure and can advise which colors will be most effective for the room’s function. They can even advise you on what paints are safe for your staff and visitors. When selecting a contractor, getting quotes from several companies and requesting references is a good idea. This will allow you to compare prices and decide which is best for your needs. A good contractor will happily provide customer testimonials and photos of past commercial painting projects. They should also be able to provide a detailed quote that includes all the required services and materials.


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Understanding the Healing Process of Nose Piercings – A Comprehensive Guide




Understanding the Healing Process of Nose Piercings - A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re aching to get your nose pierced, you must understand the healing process before you plunge. It will help you avoid infections and long healing times.

Nose piercings heal well with proper aftercare. It’s crucial to clean the piercing twice a day using a saline solution.

Keep It Clean

A nose piercing is a breeding ground for bacteria, so keeping the area clean is essential. To keep your piercing clean, it’s important to wash your hands and the piercing site twice a day with saline solution. Mixing 1/4 teaspoon of salt in warm distilled water, you can make the solution.

Beware of bumps around the piercing, as these may be signs of infection and warrant a call to the doctor. Other signs of infection include a foul smell, pus-like discharge, redness, and fever.

Avoid using antibiotic ointments, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol on a new nose piercing, as these can cause irritation and slow the healing process. Lavender oil can be sprayed onto the nose piercing to help reduce tenderness and promote healing. Be careful when switching to different jewelry; a piercing can close if removed and not replaced in time.

Stay Hydrated

How long does it take a nose piercing to heal? A nose piercing can take about 3-4 months to heal. It can then be switched out for a different style or temporarily removed without risking re-infection.

Avoid anything that can cause friction, such as abrasive jewelry, tight-fitting clothing, or other objects that rub against your nose. It is also essential to be aware of the weather. Colder temperatures can irritate a nose piercing and slow down the healing process.

Cleaning a nose piercing twice daily with saline or salt water is essential. It helps to prevent infection and reduce inflammation. You can also try using chamomile or tea tree oil, both great natural antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agents.

Don’t Overdo It

Although it is common for new nose piercings to show some initial signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, and pain, these symptoms should not persist. If you observe any inflammation or discomfort in the area where the piercing was made, this could be a sign of rejection by your body. It is important to promptly seek help from a healthcare professional in situations like this.

Solid gold, titanium, and implant-grade steel are the safest metals for nose piercing. Avoid jewelry made of niobium, nickel, or other metals that can cause allergic reactions.

A professional piercer should be visited to sanitize the area before the procedure to ensure a safe and successful nose piercing. They should also prefer a needle rather than a piercing gun, which can cause more damage and scarring to delicate tissue.

It typically takes longer than piercings in other areas due to the abundance of bacteria in the nasal cavity. To ensure proper healing, avoiding touching, playing with, or removing the jewelry until the piercing is fully healed is crucial.

Minor discomfort, itching, and discharge are normal for new nose piercings. But any symptoms that indicate a severe problem, like a fever, excessive pain, a greenish-yellow oozing discharge, or pus, should be treated immediately.

To help avoid infection, rinse the area twice a day with saline solution (buy at a piercing studio or make yourself by adding non-iodized salt to warm water). Use cotton balls soaked in the solution and pat dry with clean paper towels. You can also try using an antibiotic ointment specifically formulated for piercings.

Keep It Moist

The nasal cavity is home to many bacteria, which makes nose piercings extra prone to infection. That’s why cleaning your piercing twice daily with a saline solution is essential. You can buy this solution at a piercing studio or make your own at home with a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt.

Use a cotton ball or bulb syringe to apply the saline solution to both sides of your nostril and let it sit for about five minutes. You may feel slightly stinging, but don’t worry—it shouldn’t be like “Threat Level Midnight.” Rinse it off with warm water and gently dab it dry with a paper towel. To prevent irritation, it’s best to refrain from rubbing the tissue.

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Interview With Niantic CEO John Niantsullivan




Interview With Niantic CEO John Niantsullivan

Interview With Niantic CEO John Niantsullivan John Niantic, the CEO of Ninatic, recently took part in an interview with ‘Geek to the Future’. The interview focuses on the company’s latest innovations, including the upcoming Metaverse, the Lightship platform and the Harry Potter Wizards Unite project.

Pokemon Go

In an interview with Recode Decode, Niantic CEO John Niantsullivan talked about the company’s plans for “Pokemon Go” and the new features they have in the works. The company also has a stake in augmented reality, so it’s likely that “Pokemon Go” will eventually make it to AR devices like HoloLens.

Using GPS technology and smartphone cameras, “Pokemon Go” projects Pokemon into the real world. Players can catch them, battle other players, and collect virtual goodies. It’s a mobile gaming system that’s made for exercise.

Among other things, “Pokemon Go” has a social component, too. Users can play in teams. They can use their phone camera to scan their surroundings and create a map. Eventually, the map will be able to anchor digital objects to real-world locations.

According to the company, consumers spent $1.4 billion on “Pokemon Go” last year. This figure is a 49% increase over the same timeframe.

Pokemon is a popular franchise, but it’s been around for almost two decades. Originally a trading card game, it’s now on smartphones. Niantic has worked with Google and Nintendo to make it happen.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite is a mobile game, developed by Niantic and Warner Bros. The game is set in the world of Harry Potter, and is free to play.

It features wizards, witches, and magical creatures. Players can create their own characters, choose a wizarding profession, and explore the world. They can also find friends, if they like. This game is designed for children and adults, and the game is safe for those who do not want to use real money to purchase gold.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a location-based augmented reality game. Like Pokemon Go, it’s meant for Android and iOS devices. Users can also share a 12-digit player code with their friends.

Niantic is currently working with WB Games to improve the game. Some of the improvements include the use of a “Real World Platform” similar to Pokemon Go. These new features may be used to create new gameplay mechanics.

In addition to building the game, Niantic has acquired five companies in the past four years. It was originally formed as an internal startup within Google. But, it became independent in 2015.

Lightship platform

Niantic, the company behind the Pokémon Go craze, is releasing a new augmented reality platform called Lightship. It’s a real-time mapping system that will allow mobile apps to map surfaces and place virtual objects behind physical ones. A paid version of the system will allow multiple devices to access shared AR experiences at the same time.

Lightship’s flagship product, the ardk, is a relatively easy to deploy software framework that offers all the best features of Niantic’s flagship system. Besides the ardk, Lightship also includes a suite of developer tools, including a tool for creating VR experiences, a data visualization interface, and a library of pre-built augmented reality templates. In addition to the ardk, the company has developed a suite of augmented reality apps for Android and iOS. The aforementioned ardk is designed to enable developers to create immersive augmented reality experiences, and Niantic is working with Qualcomm and Apple to make this possible.

While Lightship is not yet available to the general public, it has been in the works for a long time. Lightship has a trove of awe-inspiring features, from its ardk to its corresponding suite of developer tools, a full-featured app store, and an ever-growing catalogue of augmented reality experiences.


A new virtual shared world – called the metaverse – is about to be born. It is a combination of the web, gaming, VR and augmented reality. The new universe will be created by the imagination of human beings.

In the metaverse, millions of people will be able to add new elements to a virtual shared space, just as people add a few pixels to a website. This is a huge step towards personal computing.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Inc., which makes mobile games, believes that augmented reality will one day create a “real world metaverse”. While he is hesitant to talk about the specifics of this technology, he is very enthusiastic about its potential.

He hopes that the technology will make it easier for individuals to create new experiences. That means that brands will have an opportunity to create memorable experiences that drive sales.

But, to do that, the metaverse must be created as a 3D platform, and technical standards must be developed. There is also a need to create a fair economy that will allow companies to benefit from the content they produce.

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