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Game Farm Park in Auburn



Game farm park

Discover the beauty of Game Farm Park in Auburn, a breathtaking natural sanctuary that will leave you in awe. This expansive park, once owned by the King County Game Commission, has become a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The park is situated near the picturesque White River and offers a perfect blend of stunning landscapes, hillside views, and abundant wildlife.
Originally established as a wild game refuge, the park’s rich history dates back to 1933, when ownership was transferred to the Washington State Department of Game. Since then, it has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming one of the largest and most captivating parks in Auburn.
Game Farm Park offers a wide range of recreational activities that can accommodate visitors of all ages and interests. Embark on a stroll along the one-mile paved loop trail, allowing you to immerse yourself in the park’s natural wonders.
For those seeking a more active experience, the park boasts play structures and ball fields, providing ample space for sports and outdoor games. Whether you want to engage in a friendly match or enjoy a picnic under the open sky, Game Farm Park offers something for everyone.

A Premier Outdoor Destination

Game Farm Park in Auburn has recently garnered attention as one of the region’s premier outdoor destinations. With its expansive size and captivating natural beauty, the park has become a haven for nature enthusiasts and sports lovers. Nestled amidst a hillside backdrop and boasting proximity to the White River, the Park offers visitors a serene retreat from the bustling urban environment.

The Park’s One-Mile Paved Loop Trail

Spanning a vast expanse, Game Farm Park is one of the largest parks in Auburn, providing ample space for various recreational activities. The park’s one-mile paved loop trail weaves through its picturesque meadows, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings. Whether a stroll or an invigorating jog, the trail offers a rejuvenating experience for individuals of all fitness levels.

Some Distinctive Features Of Game Farm Park

The park offers meticulously maintained ball fields for sports enthusiasts, where visitors can participate in friendly matches or witness thrilling competitions. Sports enthusiasts will find this location to be ideal for all ages.

Baseball and Softball Fields:

Game Farm Park boasts state-of-the-art baseball and softball fields that are meticulously maintained to provide an optimal playing experience. These fields are designed to accommodate recreational games and competitive tournaments, fostering a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie among participants. With their well-manicured turf, well-placed dugouts, and modern amenities, the Park’s baseball and softball fields are a haven for athletes and fans alike.

Tennis Courts:

Tennis enthusiasts will find their haven at Game Farm Park’s exceptional tennis courts. These well-maintained courts offer a pristine playing surface, enabling players to showcase their skills and engage in friendly matches. Whether a seasoned player or a beginner looking to hone their skills, the tennis courts at Game Farm Park provide the perfect setting to enjoy the sport and immerse oneself in the park’s scenic surroundings.

Soccer Fields:

Game Farm Park has sprawling soccer fields catering to recreational play and organized matches. The well-groomed fields provide an ample playing area for soccer enthusiasts to showcase their agility and teamwork. Whether it’s a casual kickabout or an intense game, the soccer fields at Game Farm Park offer an inviting space for players and spectators to come together and revel in the joy of the beautiful game.

Pickleball Courts:

For those seeking a unique sporting experience, Game Farm Park features new pickleball courts. This popular sport combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis and has gained immense popularity recently. The dedicated pickleball courts at Game Farm Park provide a space for players of all skill levels to engage in fast-paced, exhilarating matches. Whether one is a seasoned pickleball pro or a curious beginner, the park offers a welcoming environment to enjoy this dynamic sport.

Ample Picnic Shelters:

Moreover, the park’s open space areas invite families and friends to gather, relax, and enjoy a picnic amidst the serene surroundings. With ample picnic shelters providing shade and a peaceful atmosphere, Game Farm Park offers the perfect setting for memorable outdoor get-togethers and celebrations.

Mesmerizing White River: 

Adding to the park’s allure is its proximity to the mesmerizing White River. Visitors can explore the river’s banks, engage in fishing activities, or bask in the serenity of its gentle flow. The park’s access to the White River enhances the overall experience, providing a soothing backdrop and further emphasizing Game Farm Park’s status as a natural sanctuary within Auburn.

Place For Community Events:

The allure of the Park extends beyond its natural splendor and recreational facilities. The park serves as a gathering place for community events, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among Auburn residents. Throughout the year, Game Farm Park hosts various festivities, including concerts, festivals, pet palooza events for pet lovers, and cultural celebrations, infusing the park with vibrant energy and creating cherished moments for attendees.

 The park’s commitment to preserving its ecological integrity and offering an exceptional visitor experience has earned it widespread acclaim and recognition. It truly is a treasure for the Auburn community.”

 Disc-Golf Course and Well-Equipped Campsites:

Auburn Wilderness Game Farm Park is home to 18 well-equipped campsites and boasts an exciting disc-golf course. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of navigating through 18 holes of challenging and scenic gameplay while immersing themselves in the park’s natural beauty.

Auburn Wilderness Game Farm Park in Auburn, Washington, offers a delightful camping experience in a serene natural setting. With its charming campsites, recreational amenities, and unique features like disc golf courses and a vibrant central area, the park provides a refreshing getaway for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and campers seeking a tranquil escape.


Game Farm Park in Auburn is a beautiful destination for locals and visitors alike. This park offers a wide range of recreational activities and amenities that cater to people of all ages and interests. From its beautiful walking trails and open green spaces to its sports fields and playgrounds, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


How big is Game Farm Park?

In 1984, the City of Auburn entered into a long-term usage agreement that stipulated the city’s collaboration with the State Parks in order to establish a park on a 160-acre site. The park was officially dedicated in 1988.

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How to Choose Concealment Clothing for Your Travel Needs




How to Choose Concealment Clothing for Your Travel Needs

Men who carry a weapon often require unique clothing. It should be comfortable, fit well, hide the holster, and prevent printing through the shirt or pants. Those who travel for business or enjoy adventurous activities like safaris or photography trips may need to conceal their handgun. They need long, roomy shirts with flat hems to allow the shirt to drape over the gun and not produce the telltale bulge.


One option for concealment clothing for travel is a jacket. The simplest way to conceal your gun is with a suit or sports jacket. This is a quick solution that works well for short periods. Another option is to wear a sweater or other lightweight outerwear. This allows you to fold the piece of clothing in a more streamlined way. This minimizes the creases and helps reduce the likelihood of a gun being exposed. Some people use a shoulder holster, which can be worn on one or both shoulders. This can also be a good option, mainly when used with tailored trousers and the correct holster. Another alternative is a thigh holster, typically worn in the front thigh area and secured with straps. This can work well with the fitting pants and is often recommended for law enforcement officers.


The clothing you wear will play a significant role in concealment. Natural fabrics like cotton, merino wool, and linen have a structure that works well with concealed carry. They are the least likely to hug the hard lines of your gun, making them a better choice than blends and synthetics. A cardigan or blazer over your shirt is great for hiding your gun outside the waistband (OWB) holster for a stylish look. You can also get away with a tie-front/knot-front shirt, providing the holster hides behind the knot and your gun doesn’t show through around it. Solid dark colors are your friend; they are less likely to show up under your weapon or holster. Patterns and prints are also good, as they distract the eye from the bulk of your firearm.


The term “concealed carry” is a bit of a misnomer because you need to have your firearm on you, but you also want to be able to keep it concealed until you’re ready to access it. To do this, you’ll need to make sure your clothing is set up correctly. Regarding blouses, ones with a peplum or ruffle hem work best as they get baggier at the waistline and cover your weapon. This blouse style works well under a suit or denim jacket. When it comes to fabric, natural fibers are usually the best choice. These fabrics allow air to circulate, are soft and comfortable, and hold their shape. Cotton is a perfect choice because it’s widely available and fits close to the torso. It’s a versatile option for most outfits. Prints or patterns are also helpful as they distract the eye from a bulge where your weapon might sit.


While more critical than the overshirt and jacket, selecting pants for concealed carry is essential. Depending on the pant rise and fabric selection, they can help conceal your firearm and holster. Shirt fabrics with patterns or prints (like stripes, floral, animal print, polka-dot, and plaid) can help distract the eye from printing from your gun or holster. However, some of these fabrics can also generate static that could cling to the outline of your gun and holster, especially in dry climates. The way that you tuck your shirt can also play a role in how well it conceals. A French tuck pushes the shirt away from the waistline, making it easier to access your gun from an inside-the-waistband (IWB) or appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) holster. A peplum or ruffle-hem top can create a pocket around your waist area that helps to hide the firearm. A belt that can support the weight of your holster without sagging is also an essential accessory.

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