Shalom/Salaam: A Voyage to Muslim-Jewish Solidarity

This will be a full-day conference in conjunction with the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee of NY exploring the cultural, historical and spiritual affinities between members of these two Abrahamic faiths. We will spend the afternoon in conversation, workshops and talks and finish with an evening performance, including dance, theater and music. The full-day schedule will comprise:

12:30-1:15: Check in at the theater.

1:15-1:45: Introductions to the work of the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee and the International Human Rights Art Festival, followed by a meditation niggun (chant) led by Jewish spiritual practitioner Eliezer Sobel.

2:00-3:00: A reading and discussion of medieval Muslim-Jewish poetry, which often used extremely sensual imagery to describe the spiritual path. This will be followed by a writing workshop to create our own poem. The workshop is being run by Muslim Writers Collective member Monna Sabouri.

3:00-3:45: Shalom/Salaam book talk and discussion, based on Tom Block's groundbreaking study of the influence of Sufism on medieval Jewish mysticism, "Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity."

4:00-5:00: Widad Hassan, Lead Advisor for Muslim, Arab, South Asian Communities and Beth Miller, Liaison to Jewish Communities, both for the NYC Commission on Human Rights, will lead a workshop and conversation exploring how Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of religious discrimination impact the lives of New Yorkers and how we can build welcoming, affirming, and multi-faith spaces to build community. The NYC Commission on Human Rights is the city agency charged with enforcing the NYC Human Rights Law, one of the most protective anti-discrimination laws in the country.

5:00-5:45: Muslim-Jewish Songlines: A Tradition of Musical Dialogue. Samuel Torjman Thomas, PhD (of NY Andalus Ensemble) leads a workshop focusing on shared song traditions in the Middle East and North Africa, highlighting instances of Judeo-Islamic intercultural exchange, musical dialects, and textual traditions in Hebrew, Arabic, and Ladino (Hebreo-Spanish).

6:00-7:00: A Jewish-Muslim dinner, featuring shared dishes from our long and often positive history. Don't forget: a medieval Jewish practitiioner once described Islam as "God's gift to the Jews." And the food is good, too!

7:00-8:30 pm: Performance! Featuring: Shayna Maydela Project (dance about untold Sephardic histories, where music connects Jews & Muslims); Amin Sarshar (Persian setar music and mystical poetry); Bukharian Jewish storyteller Ruben Shimonov; Gilad Barakan (Kabbalistic musical interpretations) and Samuel Torjman Thomas, Director and Bandleader of the NY Andalus Ensemble and ASEFA.

And we'll also learn fun facts like: Moses is the most often cited historical figure in the Qu'ran and (as an Imam in Suburban Maryland once told Tom Block): "The Qu'ran is like 60% about the Jews."

Hosted by Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee and International Human Rights Art Festival.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019 - 1:00pm to 8:30pm


The Actors Theatre Workshop
145 W. 28th St., Third Floor
New York, NY 10001


$45 Full Day ($25 for those in need); $10-$20 Single session

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