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Robotic Pool Cleaners: how they work and their advantages



robotic pool cleaners

Now that you’ve acquired a house with a swimming pool or are completing the installation of your brand-new pool in your garden, the necessity for a robotic pool cleaner becomes evident. As you delve into the various cleaning options for your pool, you’ll find that robotic pool cleaners offer an efficient solution. These innovative devices are designed not only to uphold impeccable hygiene standards for your pool water but also to meticulously care for the pool’s bottom, walls, and water line.

What are the advantages of robotic pool cleaners

In order to fully understand the subject, we will first see, in detail, the mode of operation of the autonomous pump integrated into your swimming pool, then discover the advantages of investing in this famous swimming robotic pool cleaners. It will, without a doubt, be your partner for many years.

What is an electric pool robot? It is in fact a robot equipped with one or more brushes which travels the walls and the bottom of the swimming pool, autonomously. Through its successive passages, it also accesses the nooks and crannies of the swimming pool and rids it of any deposits on its walls . Its suction and brushing system cleans the pool perfectly and contributes both to the conservation of the coating (liner for example) and to the hygiene of the pool itself. We will see, a little later, that there are also hydraulic robots operating without a motor, but dependent on the filtration system.

Discover the role of your filtration system in the maintenance of your swimming pool

A cleaning robot alone is not effective. It complements your filtration system. This is why every swimming pool comes with a complete filtration system  that cleans and filters the pool water permanently. Its role is therefore to recover all the fine impurities present in the water and to put clean water back into circulation.

The filtration system

The pump is installed outside the swimming pool, either directly on the side, if the swimming pool is small, or in a converted room where the maintenance products, the broom and the landing net will be stored, without forgetting our famous robot electric pool  cleaning.

This pump, equipped with an electric motor, is the heart of the swimming pool cleaning circuit. The water is suctioned from different places in the pool:

  • on the surface, by skimmers which are vents located at the level of the water line;
  • at the bottom, through a drain and a broom socket, which collect the water by suction.

What is the role of a swimming pool filtration pump?

The water sucked in by the pump passes through a sand filter which stops the largest impurities. This water is then reinjected into the basin. The aim of this filtering is to remove suspended matter , but also to ensure regular mixing of the water allowing the treatment products to be uniformly present in the bathing water.

The water is therefore stirred regularly by a turbine then is sucked up, filtered and discharged into skimmers located opposite those which suck up the water. This hydraulic network thus ensures endless circulation of water which can be treated or heated before returning to the pool.

This operation therefore does not take into account the dirt and impurities which may be deposited along the walls of the swimming pool . This is where your cleaning robot comes in.

How the robot works and the benefits of automated pool cleaning

As you will have understood, the robot cleaner works in parallel with your filtration system.

Difference between a robot vacuum cleaner and an electric cleaning robot

There are two types of robots to clean your pool:

  • the hydraulic robot which operates thanks to the swimming pool pump;
  • the electric robot with independent motor.

How does the hydraulic robot work to clean your swimming pool?

Its operation is quite simple: the robot must work in conjunction with the swimming pool’s hydraulic pump. It is therefore autonomous without really being so. It plugs either into a special socket installed in one of the skimmers, or into the broom socket located on the side of the pool. You must therefore carefully check, before purchasing your cleaning robot, that the connection pipe is long enough and adapted to the dimensions of your swimming pool.

The robot vacuums all the walls of the pool and sends the collected impurities to the pump through its connection pipe. Its operation is therefore ensured by a depression of the water which carries it and holds it along the wall. It should be noted that this hydraulic robot only vacuums and does not sweep, except for certain high-end models.

You must have a pump powerful enough to carry the cleaning robot and obtain a satisfactory result. If the flow rate of your hydraulic pump is too low, the robot will not be able to move. It is therefore imperative, before choosing among the robot models and making your purchase, to know the power of your suction pump.

The advantages of cleaning the pool wall using an electric robot

If you don’t have a pump powerful enough to add a hydraulic cleaning robot, look into the electric robot which is truly autonomous. Its mission: clean your swimming pool, quickly and efficiently. It plugs either into a mains socket, or runs on battery after charging on a simple electrical socket. It is programmed to move according to perfect logic and adapts depending on the model to all swimming pool configurations.

  • vertical walls;
  • bottom of the pool;
  • steps;
  • water line.

Putting the cleaning brushes of the electric pool robot into action

This electric robot is made up of brushes which remove impurities before they are sucked up by the robot. You will therefore choose the type of brush according to the coating of your swimming pool:

  • pin brushes for liner type coating ;
  • foam brushes for polyester and resin (shell) or tiled swimming pools.

The cleaning action can be programmed according to your needs. You can carry out regular maintenance or more extensive cleaning, after a prolonged absence for example. The electric robot can, for some of them, be configured remotely using a remote control or a phone application or, more simply, by directly selecting the cleaning cycle on the device itself.

As we have just seen, this electric robot, through the presence of suitable brushes, ensures perfect sweeping of the bottom of the pool and, depending on the model, the walls and the water line of the pool. It is obviously more expensive to purchase than a hydraulic robot vacuum cleaner, but the result has nothing to do with it in terms of quality.

Comparison between hydraulic robot and electric robot for cleaning swimming pool walls

To conclude, let’s make a comparison between hydraulic robots and electric robots. Each device obviously has advantages over the other. We can particularly focus on the purchase price of hydraulic devices which is much lower than an electric brush device.

The main advantages of the hydraulic robot

  • it is simple to install, as it does not need any electrical outlet to operate;
  • connects directly to the swimming pool filtration system via a broom socket located in the pool or to a skimmer;
  • it has a long lifespan since it is not connected to electricity. It has a hydraulic operating system and without electronics;
  • it has a very affordable price between 60 and 500 €. Be aware, however, that it costs around €300 for a fairly efficient device in terms of cleaning;
  • it is autonomous for the suction of waste.

The disadvantages of the hydraulic robot

  • only certain models clean the walls;
  • requires good pump power;
  • is not completely effective in corners;
  • only aspires.

The multiple advantages of the electric robot for cleaning a swimming pool

  • brush and vacuum  the bottom of the pool and, depending on the model, the walls and the water line;
  • adapts depending on the model to steps and height differences;
  • allows pump filtration to continue without loss of power;
  • has its movements controlled by advanced technology;
  • cleans vertical walls without problem for the models concerned;
  • performs quality cleaning, including in corners;
  • is completely autonomous.

The disadvantages of the electric robot

  • the price;
  • the cost of repair in the event of a problem.

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10 Small Living Room Ideas With Tv That Are Trending Now



Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

Advances in new materials and technologies have revolutionized various aspects of our daily lives, including interior decoration and design. In particular, the aesthetics of televisions, one of the most sought-after devices, have undergone a complete transformation over the years. In this article, we explore how these advancements have influenced small living room ideas with TV.

Traditional tube televisions have been replaced by flat screens, which, on many occasions, resemble a painting on the wall. The fever for plasma, LED, LCD, and smart TV screens is undeniable. To adapt to this technological revolution, designers have reinvented the supports and furniture for incorporating TVs into social spaces like the living room, resulting in extremely attractive designs.

Here are the top 10 trending ideas for your small living room with TV.

1. Spatial functionality

small living room ideas with TV

One of the greatest contributions of the evolution in the aesthetics of televisions is that, currently, they simultaneously fulfill their practical function in addition to adding a unique appeal to the spaces they occupy. If you are passionate about new technologies, designing your small living room as an entertainment center in which to place not only the television, but other complementary elements such as a home cinema , a multimedia station or similar will give this room in the house the consistency you need to get the most out of it. 

2. Dividing spaces

small living room ideas with TV

When it comes to enjoying company, television can act as a connecting link or dividing line as appropriate. This small living room with television fulfills this task perfectly and the device is located against the wooden wall that allows a visual connection with the dining room and kitchen area. Furniture in light white and gray tones completes the originality of the design of this dividing element, conveying a very cozy feeling.

3. In view of everyone

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

One of the keys to interior design and decoration is that it reflects, to a certain extent, the personality of those who are the judge and part of its use and enjoyment. Reading and entertainment in the form of television go hand in hand in the proposal that we present to you in this small room that combines both passions in a masterful way. A large bookcase makes clear the taste for books and acts as a support for the television which, on the other hand, focuses the attention when the situation requires it. 

Or hidden behind closet doors

The same proposal allows drawing attention only to the large library, thanks to the magenta doors behind which the television is hidden. The lighting integrated into the shelves as well as the contrast with the rest of the furniture in dark tones give the set a touch of elegance and distinction that does not renounce the freshness and vitality provided by the cabinet that houses the television.

4. Blended with the environment

small living room ideas with TV

If there is one characteristic that defines this small living room with television, it is modernity. Its design is an example of a contemporary taste that is present not only in the lines of the furniture, but in the choice of gray as the color that bathes the entire room. The television becomes the focal point of the room which, with an L-shaped distribution, organizes the space around a device that is completely integrated into the design. 

5. A space for relaxation

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

A living room with television, whether large or small, is a space designed for your use and enjoyment and, as such, it must incorporate the necessary resources so that comfort is one of its hallmarks. Despite its small size, this small living room with television has a multitude of resources at the service of relaxation: from a comfortable sofa to lighting capable of creating different environments, including the detail of the skylight that fills the space with natural light, the nuances of organic design such as the log lamp, the rug or the choice of colors and materials that, in short, give life to a cozy room with a certain rustic air. 

6. With a lot of art

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

The television is a decorative element with its own character within the living room. However, its presence is not at odds with other elements that add charm to the design. In this proposal, we use some pictures on the wall, attractive wallpaper, and elegant, contemporary furniture to complete the charm of a room exuding distinction.

7. Originality made design

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

As articulated at the outset of this ideas-driven article, the rejuvenation of television aesthetics has made a profound impact on interior decor, offering innovative and captivating concepts. For those seeking an alternative to conventional designs, embracing bold and avant-garde arrangements can be incredibly rewarding. Consider, for instance, a striking configuration where a circular piece of furniture surrounds the television area, serving as a focal point in this contemporary living space.

8. A small and long living room

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

The available space determines, in part, the design of any room without this meaning having to opt for unattractive proposals. A minimalist approach, in which the maxim of less is more is fulfilled, is all that this small  elongated living room  with television needs to create a cozy space. The device itself goes practically unnoticed, so the weight of the aesthetic appeal falls on the sum of all the details from the furniture to the lighting and the color nuances. 

9. Industrial design

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

Any style you imagine has a place in a small living room to which you want to incorporate a television. The industrial aesthetic, for example, imbues this space with meaning, combining furniture and accessories of contrasting aspects, such as lamps and sofas reminiscent of another era, with pieces boasting a marked industrial character, such as furniture with rivets On the other hand, the mirror wall in the form of sliding doors makes the living room appear larger. 

10. A very chic space

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv

Who said a small living room with a television couldn’t be chic? Here you have a very inspiring example of how to give a very attractive look to your design from a minimalist perspective full of details. The play of black and white contrasts in furniture and accessories is the key to giving life to this space with an unquestionable personality. Plants, a zebra-print rug and even an original design pouf put the ‘icing on the cake’ to a simply charming proposal.


 Designing a small living room with a TV involves considering both functionality and aesthetics. With advancements in technology and design, there are various creative ways to integrate a television into your space, from spatial functionality to blending it with the environment seamlessly.

Remember to prioritize comfort and practicality, ensuring you position the TV at eye level for comfortable viewing and avoiding glare from natural light. Whether you opt for a traditional setup or a more innovative approach like using steel cables, the goal is to create a cozy and stylish living room where you can relax and enjoy your favorite shows with ease.


How to put the TV in the living room?

The ideal placement is where the center of the screen aligns with eye level when seated for optimal viewing comfort. Additionally, consider the appropriate screen size relative to the room dimensions for a balanced visual experience.

Where to place the television in the living room?

The TV should be positioned perpendicular to windows, avoiding placement directly in front of them. This prevents uncomfortable reflections from natural light, preserving the image quality.

How to put a screen on the wall without a support?

Steel cable: This alternative enables TV mounting without the need for a traditional stand. It involves using a metal cable and circular brackets to secure the TV to the wall, similar to hanging a painting. The back of the TV connects to the steel cable, which is then inserted into the wall anchor for stability.

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Top Tips for Designing and Cleaning Black Kitchen Cabinets



Curtis Adams

Brighten up your kitchen cabinets with sharp, deep colors. Black cabinets will amaze you with their sophisticated and mysterious flair. If you want an impressive and versatile kitchen, you should never overlook a black kitchen. This deep color is the strongest expression of timeless elegance. Green, red, and yellow may go out of style after a while, but black never goes out of style. Black, the purest and most intense color, reflects an urban and even sexual atmosphere, allowing you to transform your kitchen space with outstanding style. If you are a fan of modern style interiors, black kitchen cabinets are always something you should try. Browse stylish black kitchens to find inspiration for your kitchen design.

Add Golden Island

An elegant golden island sits in the center of this black kitchen, adding a touch of class. Black kitchen cabinets add versatility, and depth to your space, hide imperfections, and reduce maintenance needs. The two colors are exquisitely combined to create a luxurious space that you will never get tired of.

Mix with warm wood

Matching black kitchen cabinets with warm wood tones makes a stunning and classic look. Black cabinets provide a sophisticated neutral backdrop, while warm wood tones add texture and richness. The contrast and balance of the two elements creates an elegant and inviting space. This color combination creates a harmonious and eye-catching kitchen.

Use metal hardware

The metallic shine is a great accent to a black wooden kitchen. Shiny, smooth metal hardware ideally complements black cabinet designs and adds texture to black kitchen designs. These small details can add sparkle and contrast to a black background. If you think all one color might be dull, get brass or stainless steel handles to make it look nicer.

Lighting  that creates an atmosphere

Looking for an easy way to brighten up your black kitchen? Place these ambience lights under shelves and cabinets. Lighting can enhance the sense of elegance and create lighting for cooking tasks. Never ignore the functionality of ambience lighting, especially if you have an all-black kitchen.

Combine with white collar

This classic black and white combination creates the strongest contrast. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​your black kitchen color scheme, our classy choices won’t disappoint. The combination of bright white and deep black creates a modern harmony. Moreover, if you are a fan of minimalist style, you will look closely at this color scheme. Indeed, simplicity often reigns supreme.

Make the surface shiny

Are you worried that your black kitchen cabinets will make your room feel small and dark? We highly recommend high-gloss surfaces that reflect light to avoid making your room too dark. In addition, the glossy finish of the black cabinet creates a vibrant and luxurious feel.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance and Cleaning

A DIY solution consisting of white distilled vinegar, water and some dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle will be sufficient for black kitchen cabinet maintenance and cleaning.

A DIY solution of white distilled vinegar, water, and some dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle paired with a clean microfiber cloth will be sufficient for black kitchen cabinet maintenance and cleaning . The solution consists of water, vinegar and a little dish soap. You don’t need to be super precise and measure these items exactly but the following is recommended;

  • Fill the spray bottle 70% with water
  • Fill the other 30% of the spray bottle with distilled white vinegar.
  • 2 – 4 pumps dishwashing liquid
  • Shake well. You can then apply this to your black kitchen cabinets.


You may find that a clean microfiber towel works best because it not only wipes away stains and dust, but also doesn’t leave any cotton residue behind. Just like a paper towel or other rag can do. I bought a pack of microfiber towels and tried to keep them separate from my other towels to use only for this purpose. It’s crucial to ensure the microfiber towel is very clean. Sometimes, other towels can collect debris and small pebbles, which might scratch your cabinets.

Tips for Cleaning Black Cabinets

Once you have your supplies ready, you may find that spraying the solution onto a microfiber towel rather than spraying it onto the cabinet is most effective. You may also find that you don’t need as many solutions to get the job done.

One, maybe 2, squirts will be enough to clear the cabinet of any dust, fingerprints, or smudges. You may also discover that this method + solution removes stains from more than just our dark cabinets. Now the same method helps you when you see stains or fingerprints on door frames, doors or even on our dining table.

Black Color Kitchen Harmony

Black kitchens in homes are the exception rather than the rule, as it is a common belief that they absorb more light than other colors and therefore make the space appear smaller, creating the effect of cramped space in the apartment. A black kitchen is a perfect choice for those who have one or more sizable windows in the room. It is even better if the room faces south or southwest. For people who love black but are not exactly sure what to choose, you can offer creative solutions on how to partially bring the color black into the kitchen.

Are Black Cabinets a Cleaning Disaster?

In 2019, priority was given to kitchen cabinets, work panels and overhead cabinets with a dark color palette. The kitchen, which is black from floor to ceiling, combined with natural wood in some places, and has a glossy or matte surface, impresses us in the photographs. But the kitchen is not just the space to look after, it is also the most used space in the house every day.

This is where water flows and splashes, producing greasy stains and biological waste from cooking, drawers and drawers. Everyone has a desire not to spend even a minute more than necessary on cleaning. Therefore, it is essential to give practical advice when choosing a kitchen.

Cleaning of Black Kitchen Cabinets with Glossy Surface

Glossy cabinets in gray or black are trendy and elegant, but completely unsuitable for a chaotic family. It can look very cold and oily fingerprints on a glossy surface can be very annoying. It is more suitable for families to choose matte-surfaced cabinets that are less sensitive to fingerprints.

If the individual is still hesitant about his choice, a two-tone kitchen with natural wood elements can be recommended. Lower cabinets can be dark matte, upper cabinets can be contrasting white. Cleaning black kitchen cabinets with shiny surfaces can also be done with the solution recipe given above. The product chosen for diaper use is very important.

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How to choose an outdoor garden bench seat?



outdoor garden bench seat

As the name suggests, garden chairs or benches are used outdoors. This chair is also known as an outdoor garden bench or park bench. Having chairs will add to the beauty and comfort of the garden atmosphere, especially if you like relaxing in the garden.

Various models of garden chairs are available on the market. Therefore, we will share tips for choosing a good garden bench so that you are not confused in choosing one. We will also review several products from the best brands for you such as IKEA. Some of them can even withstand various weather conditions such as heat and rain.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing an outdoor garden bench seat

There are many factors to consider before choosing a garden chair. So that you don’t get confused, here are four tips for choosing a garden chair. Please consider these references to ensure the chairs blend well with your garden.

1 Determine the material so that it is durable for outdoor use: Metal, wood, bamboo, or synthetic rattan

When talking about outdoor garden bench or seat, maybe you will imagine chairs made of wood. Even so, now garden chairs made from bamboo and metal are in great demand. There are also manufacturers who combine these ingredients. Well, let’s look at the characteristics of each!

Metal, strong and more resistant to heat and rain

Metal is widely used as a material for outdoor furniture because it is heat and rain resistant and is strong enough to hold heavy weight. However, its large density means that metal furniture tends to be heavier and therefore difficult to move. Even so, metal garden chairs usually come in minimalist designs.

Unfortunately, some metals are known to rust easily which will reduce the aesthetics. If you have your heart set on a metal garden chair, know the type of metal used. Make sure the metal is coated with anti-rust material or other metal that does not rust easily.

Wood is durable and adds a natural impression to the garden

If you choose a wooden chair, you should make sure it has a waterproof coating. Chairs made from durable wood are relatively more expensive compared to chairs made from other materials. However, wooden chairs can be used in the long term so the calculations are more economical.

The durability of a wooden chair also depends on its care and location. Placement of outdoor furniture made of wood should not directly touch the ground. For example, you can place the legs on a layer of cement or stone. 

Apart from that, also pay attention to the type of wood used because this can be an indication of the durability of the chair. Types of wood that are known to be of high quality as furniture materials include teak and acacia.

Bamboo tends to be economical and more environmentally friendly

If your budget is very limited, maybe a bamboo chair could be the answer. Even though it is economical, bamboo furniture that is properly cared for is said to last up to seven years . Bamboo is also relatively flexible in shaping so that the furniture models produced are more diverse.

Apart from being affordable, bamboo chairs are also more environmentally friendly. Why so? Bamboo is vegetation that is very easy to grow, it can even reach 10 cm per day. This is different from wood which takes decades to be ready to be cut and processed. Not only that, bamboo  is more easily decomposed by the soil because it doesn’t require a lot of paint and coating.

Synthetic rattan, free to choose color and texture

Synthetic rattan is a furniture material made from plastic. This material is one of the material choices for garden benches. Unlike natural rattan, synthetic rattan is suitable for use in outdoor areas.

Even though it has different basic materials, the flexible properties of natural rattan are also shared by synthetic rattan. Therefore, this material can provide unique surface motifs and textures. One of the advantages of synthetic rattan is the unlimited color choices , from neutral to bright colors, because it is made of plastic.

2 Pay attention to the capacity of the park bench: For one or more people

So that you can sit comfortably, garden chairs should have a seat length of 60 cm for one person or 120 cm for two people . You can choose a chair with a longer seat for three people to sit on. The number of members in your family can also be used as a benchmark in choosing garden chairs.

However, in general, garden chairs have a seat length of 120 cm which can only be occupied by two adults. Meanwhile, the longer and bigger a chair, the more expensive it is. A chair that is too long will be difficult to transport and move. So, it is better to buy two garden chairs than buying one chair that is too long.

3 Check the thickness of the material so that the chair is safe to sit on

The obstacle in buying garden chairs online is the difficulty in assessing and estimating the size of the product. To overcome this, ask the seller or manufacturer for information about the support capacity of the chair. Apart from that, you should choose a chair with a support that exceeds the body weight of all your family members. 

If you already know the maximum load of your garden chair, avoid occupying the chair with a number of people that exceeds its capacity.

Unfortunately, there is not much information regarding the maximum weight of each chair. However, there is some product information as a benchmark. Benches with a capacity of one person can generally support a maximum weight of 110 kg. Then, the maximum accumulated weight that can be accommodated by a bench with a capacity of two people is 180 kg. The bench for three people can be occupied by several people with a total weight of 210 kg.

4 Whenever possible, choose one that is easy and quick to assemble

When buying garden chairs or other furniture items, it’s a good idea to choose products that are easy to assemble. Garden chairs are generally large in size so they are difficult to assemble alone. Therefore, read the information and user reviews , then choose a chair that can be assembled quickly and easily. Even if there is, choose a product that contains a chair with a set of assembly tools.

Apart from benches that need to be assembled, there are also chairs that are ready-made, meaning they don’t need to be assembled. You can use this type of chair straight away. Even though it is easier to use, shipping the finished chair tends to be less concise. The cost of shipping a finished garden chair is usually more expensive because it takes up larger dimensions.

If you want to choose a chair that has been assembled, it’s a good idea to choose a seller who is located in the same city. That way, the shipping process is easier and shipping costs are cheaper.


The garden, like any other part of the house, needs refreshing every once in a while. If you do that, it is possible that the garden chairs will also be moved to a new location.

That is the reason why it is better to choose one that is easy to assemble. You even need to have a set of tools to assemble it. If you are not sure you can do it, you can ask the shop first.

Park chairs or park benches have now become a necessity for metropolitan residents. Narrow land forces people to optimize the surroundings of the house so that it feels green.

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