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A Journey Through French luxury Fashion Houses 



French luxury Fashion Houses 

Fashion and France are an inseparable union that quickens the pulse of every woman. French luxury fashion houses appear as enchanting castles inhabited by exceptionally glamorous residents. The entire world keenly observes every word and move made by their majestic owners, who are idolized by Haute Couture enthusiasts worldwide.

And this is not happening by chance: the founders of the best fashion houses in France, during the periods of their absolute rule, literally changed fashion, forcing the whole world to mercilessly part with established stereotypes and forever fall in love with the unknown.

When one thinks of Paris – one of the largest cities on this planet, it is impossible not to remember that it is also the main capital of fashion is French luxury Fashion Houses. 

France is synonymous with the word style, so neat and at the same time shabby, a kind of alternative to the casual-chic style, and it must be noted that not a single French woman leaves the house without her hat. This country is where the world’s most renowned fashion designers were born and where the largest fashion houses were established. Of course, you can’t always afford to dress from world designers, but sometimes you can make convenient purchases at sales. 

Leading French Fashion Houses

  1. Lanvin is one of the largest and first fashion houses in France, created by Jeanne Marie Lanvin in the early 20s. It all started with her sewing clothes for her daughter. This house is famous for its feminine style, interesting embroideries and floral elements in warm colors. 
  1. Dior was created by Christian Dior in 1946. Today, it stands as the leading company collaborating with Louis Vuitton. They distinguished themselves in the market by designing clothing for elegant women, even more eye-catching than Chanel’s creations. Dior dresses create a femmefatale effect, with deep necklines and cutouts that highlight the beautiful female form.

    Yves Saint Laurent

  1. Yves Saint Laurent is probably the most luxurious brand created in the 60s – a period of great cultural revolutions. Its founder, Yves Saint Laurent, is regarded as the finest fashion designer of the twentieth century. He revolutionized women’s style, infusing it with a touch of masculinity. His most popular invention is the women’s tailcoat, which appeared on the catwalk in different colors.
  1. The House of Chanel was created in 1920 by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. And for those who caught her tunes echoing in Parisian cafés – Coco. There is probably no person who has not at least once seen a bag with the famous logo. It’s often said that a stylish woman is incomplete without a Chanel suit. In the twenties, when women received the right to vote, the process of their emancipation began – scarlet lips, flowing hair, cigarette cases and expensive furs. These were the main elements. 
  1. During the Second World War, the house of Balmain dictated fashion.Established by Pierre Alexander Claudius Balmain, who believed fashion to be the architecture of the moment, this fashion house is now renowned for its military-inspired designs. 

These five houses represent just a fraction of what France has to offer. But one thing remains for sure – this country is truly the best creator of chic clothes and unique perfumes!

History of French fashion

Since the era of Louis XIV, the concept of “fashion” has been intricately linked with France. During his reign, the country, led by the ruling government, swiftly advanced its fashion industry. Consequently, the French royal court gained recognition as the vanguard of European fashion. Baroque fashion was made possible by the production of silk fabric and lace. Complemented with bright jewelry and skillful draperies, luxurious lace and silk outfits were an attribute of pomp and wealth.

French Fashion Designers

In contemporary years, French fashion has undergone a remarkable transformation, blending men’s clothing elements into women’s wardrobes during the twentieth century. Trousers, jackets, formal shirts, and even ties found their way into women’s fashion, thanks to the pioneering spirit of iconic figures like Coco Chanel. Her bold shift from romanticism to modernism reshaped the fashion landscape, compelling women’s style to embrace a fresh direction.

Coco Chanel

Almost every modern woman has trousers, a jacket and a little black dress in her wardrobe – Chanel’s greatest creative discovery. No less famous fashion accessories named after her are metal jewelry and the famous quilted handbag on a chain. The same can be said about the iconic perfume of the house of Chanel.

French fashion house Coco Chanel is long gone, but her business lives on, and the fashion house named after her continues to be considered one of the main houses participating in the main French fashion week in the fashion industry.

People still strive to imitate Coco herself, she is quoted and inspired by her, which is completely justified, because it was this great woman who was able to so boldly and irreversibly influence the fashion of the 20th century, founding the Chanel fashion house, introducing completely new images into women’s fashion.

In addition to trousers and other comfortable things from the men’s wardrobe, in addition to the universal and accessible little black dress for almost any woman, it is Chanel who we owe for the appearance and constant presence in fashion of small hats, tweed suits, costume jewelry, as an independent fashionable and prestigious world of jewelry and even a persistent tanning fashion

French fashion Designer Christian Dior

Another famous French designer is Christian Dior says about French luxury Fashion Houses. One of the most famous fashion designers, who invented feminine dresses in the new look style and raised the concept of “French fashion” to new heights.

Dior captured women and their post-war mood, dreams and desires with all the instinct of a talented master. At that time, Parisian women were already tired of short, strict skirts, trousers and almost masculine jackets, so Dior’s hyper-feminine collection was greeted with enthusiasm and delight.

Bright colors, luxurious fabrics, ankle-length skirts (full or straight), small rounded shoulders, cinched waists – everything about this new collection screamed the charm of traditional femininity. This was a new French fashion, which soon became global.

French Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent

The name of one of the leading fashion designers of the 20th century, whom Christian Dior himself chose as his successor, is forever inscribed in the history of fashion.

Many of Laurent’s fashion ideas are now fashion classics. Thus, women’s tuxedos, which captured the imagination of fashionistas, subsequently became the brand’s signature business card. It was Yves Saint Laurent who suggested actively wearing women’s trouser suits, high-neck sweaters, black leather jackets, safari-style dresses, high boots, ethnic clothing – without all these things it is already difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a woman from any city in the world.

Of course, these are not all French fashion houses; the fashion world would be incomplete without the obnoxious and shocking Gaultier, the fantasy Lacroix, the chic Pierre Cardin, the master of bags and accessories Louis Vuitton, the elegant Hubert Givenchy and many other greatest fashion designers.

Modern Young Designers

Today, the meaning of “young designer” or “budding couturier” is not particularly significant, as the Fashion industry is filled with the names of young artists who are attempting to modernize the traditional concept of ready-to-wear. Some individuals succeed in this. Take Olivier Rousteing, for instance, who found fortune in gaining recognition in the fashion realm. He skillfully navigated the traditions of the Balmain Fashion House, harmonizing them with his own youthful flair and taste.

French Fashion Style  Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

Another successful young French designer is Nicolas Ghesquière, who until 2012 worked as the art director of the Balenciaga Fashion House. Ghesquière’s collections were replete with elegant silhouettes combined with geometric shapes, generously seasoned with futuristic design. Since 2013, Nicolas Ghesquière became the creative director of another famous brand – Louis Vuitton.

Young designer Guillaume Henry made world fashion remember the almost forgotten fashion house Carven, giving girls a new favorite brand. 

 French Fashion Houses Shaping the Elegance 

 In a realm where fashion transcends mere industry and becomes an art form, France stands as a fertile ground. It has birthed legendary fashion houses that have not only defined entire eras but also rewritten the narratives of style. Take Lanvin, for instance, a tribute to the elegance of femininity, inspired by a mother’s deep affection for her daughter’s wardrobe.

Dior, with its audacious necklines and striking designs, redefined allure. Yves Saint Laurent, a trailblazer of gender-fluid fashion, added a masculine touch to femininity.

 The House of Chanel, under the visionary Coco, became synonymous with timeless elegance, introducing the world to the little black dress and quilted handbags. Balmain, renowned for its military-inspired creations, emerged as a powerful emblem of strength amidst the challenges of wartime.

These fashion houses aren’t mere labels; they represent chapters in the captivating story of fashion. They serve as vivid reminders of the boundless creativity, innovation, and boldness that characterize the essence of French fashion.


French luxury Fashion Houses transcends mere garments; it unfolds as a captivating tale. A dynamic fusion of tradition and contemporary innovation.

From the grandeur of Louis XIV’s courts to the modern runways of Balmain and Louis Vuitton, it embodies a continuous journey of transformation. Where each seam signifies ingenuity, and every style narrates a cultural story.

In the revered corridors of Chanel and the daring designs of Gaultier. French fashion becomes a vibrant tribute to artistic freedom, pushing limits and redefining norms.

The legacy of French fashion isn’t confined to fabrics. It resides in the confidence it inspires, the narratives it weaves, and the aspirations it sparks.

It serves as a constant reminder that in the realm of fashion, France perennially stands. As the epitome of timeless elegance and innovation.


What is the French luxury fashion house?

Louis Vuitton, established in 1854 by the 16-year-old Louis Vuitton in Paris. Has evolved into the most globally recognized luxury fashion brand.

Vuitton started his journey as a trunk master at a young age. A role he dedicated himself to for the following 17 years.

Which France is famous for its luxury fashion brand?

Renowned names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, and Cartier have transformed these French brands into icons. Crafting some of the most opulent products in the market, some of which have maintained their allure for centuries.

What is the French fashion house called?

Christian Dior, Chanel, Lanvin, Hermès, Louis Vuitton — these internationally acclaimed establishments stand as quintessential. French luxury fashion houses, each with its origins in Paris and all named after their visionary founders.

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Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs – 2024



Bridal Mehndi Designs

If there is one thing that brides-to-be are most worried about after their wedding outfit , then it is a classy, ​​beautiful make-up and a stunning mehendi design which is deeply intricate. Because the bridal look doesn’t work without hands up to the elbows..!! But not only the bride, the bride’s friends and other relatives are also very excited about getting Mehndi applied. Because in our Indian wedding, only one whole day is dedicated to the Mehndi function. In such a situation, there is a need for Bridal Mehndi Designs, by looking at which new and trendy designs can be applied.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs

Here are the latest mehndi designs that will add beauty to your bridal look.

Bridal Mehndi: 

Wedding season is about to start. The most important ritual in this is Mehndi in which different types of designs are applied on the hands of everyone from the bride to the family members. But bridal mehendi is special in itself. For this reason, brides choose their design well in advance so that their mehendi does not get spoiled on that day. After all it is bridal mehendi and it should not be spoiled. Do you also want to give a beautiful touch to your Mehndi so that when people see your hand, they do not get tired of praising Mehndi? You can try out the design mentioned here for this purpose. This will make mehendi look more attractive and  beautiful.

Mehndi Designs For Bride

Nowadays, you’ll come across many unique bridal mehndi designs on the internet. The most liked design among these is the bride and groom mehendi. You can get it installed for your wedding day. You can create a scene of a mandap or a garland in it. If you wish, you can also create a mehndi design while fulfilling the demand of the bride and groom, that also looks quite nice. Likewise, make the design of Doli and Shehnai on the arms in a similar manner. This will further enhance the beauty of your hands.

Peacock Design Mehndi (Bridal Mehndi Designs)

Peacock mehndi designs are quite popular. Girls also like to create such designs in bells and also such designs are made for bridal mehndi ( full hand mehndi design). You can also create this type of design for your wedding. In this, a peacock design will be created in the palm. A mesh will be made around it. Below, a design of flowers, elephant and doli will be created on the hands. This will increase the beauty of your mehndi.

Elephant Mehndi Design

Nowadays, mehndi with slightly bold designs and not subtle ones is in trend. Therefore, girls choose such designs which can be outlined well after making them on the hands (best mehndi designs for brides). You can use this mehndi design on your hands. In which the design of the elephant is made on the palm. At the bottom, a combination of Shehnai, a pendant, and a flower has been created in one hand. A peacock has been added to complete the design. 

Keep these things in mind

  • Keep in mind the rate of Mehndi because if you get a customized design made, you may have to pay more for it.
  • Keep in mind that when getting mehendi applied, there should not be too many people around you, otherwise the mehendi may get spoiled.
  • You should decide beforehand whether the design will be fine or thick. 
  • Do not keep your hands wet otherwise your mehendi will not work.


How to darken the color of mehendi? How To Darken Your Mehndi?

After applying henna, keep it for at least 3 hours. After removing the mehendi, do not allow water to fall on it for at least 8 hours and if you want instant color, apply balm and cover your hands and if you have time, apply mustard oil and leave it. The color of mehendi will become darker.

Try to always apply mehndi during the day and remove it before sleeping at night. Then apply mustard oil thoroughly and go to sleep. By morning the mehendi will take its dark color.

How long can henna color last? How Long Color Of Mehndi Last?

It depends on how much you take care of your henna applied hands and feet. Secondly, what is your body heat? On people whose body is warm, Mehndi gets applied faster and deeper than on those whose body is cold.

Secondly, the more you protect the Mehndi from water and soap, the longer the color can last.

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Nail Art Designs: Unveiling Stunning Marvels  



Nail Art Designs

The fact that we spend most of our time at home does not mean that we do not take care of our nails. On the contrary, we have more time to take care of ourselves. You can bring liveliness to your look with nail art, which is gaining popularity day by day, with shapes that you can apply at home. We have compiled easy-to-do ‘nail art’ ideas for you. 

Glitter nail art

Glitter nail art

If you wish, let’s start with the easiest one. Apply any color nail polish of your choice as an undertone to your nails. Preferably iridescent and light pink tones can be used. After it dries thoroughly, apply glitter nail polish to your ring finger nails. If you wish, you can sprinkle extra glitter before your nail polish dries. Thus, they look brighter and more eye-catching. Once the additional glitter has dried, apply a thin layer of polish.

In this way, glitter does not spill easily when entered into water or during your work during the day.

Stone nail art

stone nail art

If you always care about looking fancy, these nails are just for you! First of all, you need to buy shiny stone-looking plastic nail ornaments in the size you want. Afterwards it’s very simple. Choose a color tone that will make your stone stand out. Fix your stone on the desired nail before your nail polish dries. A light pressure will be enough. If you want it to stand more firmly or if the stone you choose is a little large, you can get help from nail adhesives. You can also apply this method with large and small diamond stones. After all, the more stones, the more charm!

Figured nail art

Figured nail art

Try adding a new look to your nails with figures that are favorites of the winter months. Apply your dark nail polish on all fingers except the finger on which you will draw the figures. If you want, you can also apply the color tones with a different color nail polish on each nail, from dark to light. In this way, you will ensure a pleasant transition. It is very important to use colors that contrast with the nail on which you will draw the figures. For example, if you prefer a black seagull figure, the color you choose for the base must be white or a very light tone. On the contrary, if you want a white seagull, the undertone must be a dark color. Of course, be careful to draw the figures after the first nail polish you applied has dried.

Let your nails do the talking!

Now let’s start moving slowly. Slogan ‘that will take your nails to the next level nail art. You can give the messages you want with . The most important point here is that the two colors are completely opposite to each other! Undertones should be dark in white text and light in black text. The rest is quite simple; Preferably choose nail polishes with thin brushes. This way, you can write text on your nails more easily. Starting this process with short slogans will help you until you get through the trial period.

Create your own work of art with Geometric shapes

Geometric nail art design

Show off your skills and try geometric shapes to have nails that make a difference and turn into a work of art. It’s actually not as difficult as it seems. First polish your nails with a clear polish. In this way, you can make the subsequent shapes more easily. After the polish dries, start creating geometric shapes, which you can also try with a fine-tipped brush or a toothpick. Finally, after your nail polish dries, you can add liveliness to the gaps with a striking color. 

Floral patterned, polka dot nails

nail art designs

Now comes perhaps the most fun nail art. There are some with polka dots and flowers. You will be surprised at how harmonious contrasting colors are. The important point here, as we said before, is to choose two different colors in tones that will reveal the shapes in order to reveal the patterns. Afterwards it’s up to you. You can apply any patterns you want, such as flowers on one nail, dots on the other nail, and hearts on the other. Worth to try!


What is the latest trend for nails?

While leopard spots are adored, crocodile-print nails are currently in high demand. Instead of covering your entire nail with this striking texture, consider adding embossed French tips featuring the design in earthy tones, advises Legend.

What are 5 basic nail art designs?

The majority of clients tend to prefer one of five primary nail shapes: square, round, oval, squoval, or pointed.

How do I choose nail art?

Ensure that your nail appearance aligns with the occasion. Take cues from your makeup selection when deciding on nail polish. Aim for a polished and cohesive look to garner favorable attention.

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How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist?



a Professional Makeup Artist

Discover the steps to pursue a career as a professional makeup artist, from acquiring skills to building a portfolio. Learn how to turn your passion for makeup into a successful profession.

A makeup artist is someone who applies cosmetics and even prosthetics (prosthetic parts) using the human body as a canvas. Artistic talent is actually just one aspect of cosmetology, as makeup artists perform a wide range of different techniques that make this career as challenging as it is fun and exciting.

There are many opportunities for versatile make-up artists, from Fashion to Special Effects Make-up, from Theater and Stage Make-up to Bridal Make-up, and make-up artist salaries are not inconsiderable.

How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist?

Anyone who really wants to become a makeup artist can achieve this . There is no age or gender difference for this profession. But the most important step is to step into the industry by attending a professional makeup training course.

To become a make-up artist, they must receive training from an officially recognized school in many cities that can issue a certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education . And they need to pass the necessary exams in this regard and qualify to become a licensed makeup artist or cosmetologist.

While some exams only grant a cosmetology license, you can also obtain the title of make-up artist with some special exams.

Contact the school and ask for more information and apply for course registration. Many makeup artist programs will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Some schools may offer day, evening or even weekend classes, in which case you can choose the program that suits you best.

After graduation, your school will help you take the required exam. In a good educational institution, your school will also be able to support you in obtaining the necessary job. 

Makeup Artist Salaries – Where Can I Work, How Much Can I Earn?

A career in which you can work with stars of the television and cinema world, musicians or models adorning the catwalks and magazines awaits you. Of course, when you first step into the industry, your earnings will not be very high and the working conditions on the sets may be a bit harsh for you. However, if you are ready to take the risk, it is possible to reach better places and thus increase your earnings as you increase your experience and prove yourself over time.

You can shine yourself and your career every year by working as a make-up artist in catalogs, fashion shows, commercials and the cinema industry. You can also find career opportunities in areas such as special event make-up, bridal make-up, theatrical make-up, special effects and body make-up using the ‘airbrush technique’.

During this process, you can also work to market your name. The world is full of examples of successful make-up artists who started making make-up artists as a hobby and then became professional in the industry over time.

As a researcher, you can make the best use of your development process in this sector by constantly examining successful make-up examples by benefiting from all domestic and international sources and publications. You can also make a significant contribution to your career by assisting a make-up artist whenever you get the opportunity.

What are the Requirements to Become a Makeup Expert?

What it takes to become a make-up expert can be summarized in a few items as follows:

  • Selection of the materials to be used when applying make-up, ensuring their harmony with each other and integration with the face and concept.
  • Before starting the make-up, preparing the materials to be used and selecting the necessary instruments according to the application.
  • To have the ability to successfully apply new make-up trends by following innovations and fashion.
  • Applying and planning considering how long the makeup will be used.
  • Ensuring the supply of cosmetic products, tracking product stocks and deciding on their selection.
  • To show due care in working in accordance with hygiene rules.

Where Does a Makeup Expert Work?

Make-up experts have the opportunity to work full-time in hairdressers and television channels, on project-based TV series, movies, theater, commercials or clip shoots, and as a freelancer on special concept days such as weddings, birthdays and parties. It is one of the professions that can be worked in the private sector or freelance.

What are the Advantages of Being a Make-Up Artist?

The advantages of becoming a make-up artist are as follows:

  • There is no requirement to take an exam to become a make-up artist.
  • Both primary school graduates and university graduates can work as make-up artists.
  • They can open their own businesses.
  • Make-up artistry is a profession that can also be done as a side job.

What are the conditions to become a make-up artist?

The requirements to become a make-up artist can be listed as follows:

  • Get makeup training
  • Knowing makeup techniques
  • Applying make-up considering factors such as skin color, hair color and skin type.

How Many Years Does a Makeup Artist Study?

There is no specific training period to become a make-up artist.

Because primary school graduates, high school or university graduates can also practice this profession. The average duration of makeup courses is 3-4 months. 

Who Can Become a Makeup Artist?

The qualifications a person must have to become a make-up artist are:

  • Acting in a customer-oriented manner
  • Having work discipline
  • Giving importance to cleanliness
  • Be meticulous and careful
  • Having an aesthetic sense
  • be creative

Who Cannot Become a Makeup Artist?

The following people cannot be make-up artists:

  • Those who do not receive makeup training
  • Those who do not know makeup techniques
  • Those who cannot apply make-up considering factors such as skin color, hair color and skin type


The official route to becoming a makeup artist is to learn knowledge and skills at a designated beautician training facility, and then take and pass the national beautician exam.

The makeup industry is a meritocracy, so not everyone is as successful as they would like. Improve yourself, expand your network, and aim for the top.

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