Andrew Garfield Has All-Time High
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The actor recalls birthday trip to Disneyland with Emma Stone and some special brownies

From “La La Land” to Disney Land, Emma Stone has been having the ride of her life — and if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re sitting next to her.

For 33-year-old actor Andrew Garfield, that was the case on his 29th birthday when the former couple ventured to the California theme park to celebrate his big day while shooting “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

In a recent video interview with W Magazine, Garfield talked with Lynn Hirschberg (you might know the Jewish journalist from every celebrity interview ever) about his role in Martin Scorsese’s new film, “Silence,” and reflected on a favorite memory.

Describing the day as “perfect,” the British-Jewish “Social Network” star recounted the time he and eight of his closest friends, including then-girlfriend Stone, went to Disneyland and broke out into spontaneous, synchronized dance. But not without a little help from a certain herb.

Most visitors to the park leave with a high from adrenaline rushes or too many funnel cakes — Garfield and friends went a different route when they got high on their own supply of pot brownies.

“I’m just going to tell you this straight up. They came out to L.A. to surprise me. We went to Disneyland. We ate pot brownies. It was literally heaven. How about Space Mountain three times in a row?” said Garfield before recalling how the “It’s a Small World” ride got the better of his psyche in his intoxicated state.

Garfield, whose father and grandparents are Jewish (his family last name was originally Garfinkel) and who has identified as Jewish in the past has led a fairly secular life.

However, in Scorsese’s new movie he prepared for the role by having a religious experience — literally. In the W interview, Garfield discusses how he got himself into the right headspace through prayer, spiritual reflection and meditation. “The majority of the process was praying,” he told Hirschberg. “I had a year to get ready to go and shoot, and I prayed for a year.”

While we can’t say whether Garfield was chanting from the Torah, he told Hirschberg that he experienced a higher power. “I developed a relationship with a power greater than myself — call it God, call it love, call it what you will,” said the Tony Award winner.

Still, it’s difficult to imagine what was more of a spiritual awakening: praying intensely for a year or a day of special brownies and amusement park rides with the “La La Land” star … talk about getting Stoned.

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