"Where's My Roy Cohn?"

(Sept. 20-Oct. 17) — One of the most controversial and influential American men of the 20th century, Roy Cohn (1927-1986) was a ruthless and unscrupulous lawyer and political power broker whose career ranged from acting as chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy's Communist-hunting subcommittee to his prominent role in the prosecution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to molding the career of a young Queens real estate developer named Donald Trump.

Directed by Matt Tyrnauer.

“Great villains usually make for good movies, and Matt Tyrnauer certainly has a doozy in Roy Cohn. ... provides a ringside seat to the ruthless and brilliant fashion Cohn navigated his career, with a cardinal rule being to deny and attack." — Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“A delectable look at a despicable person. [Cohn is] a fascinating subject, a bundle of contradictions in a slick and soulless package.” — Steve Pond, The Wrap

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