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The fast food chain posted the alt-right mascot to its Twitter account claiming it wasn’t aware of the negative connotations

Between the freckled, red-haired mascot and the surplus of cheeseburgers, we didn’t have high hopes that Wendy’s was a Jewish operation. However, the fast food chain restaurant made it clear on Wednesday that it most likely doesn’t have Members of the Tribe running its social media when posting a Pepe meme on its Twitter account. 

Dressed as the iconic Wendy’s girl, the image was posted earlier (and deleted faster than you can say “Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger”) as a response to a request for memes.


Pepe, which once upon a time led an innocuous existence, has been adopted by the alt-right in the last year and has been designated as a “symbol of hate” by the Anti-Defamation League.

Following the post, some Twitter users chided the use of the image, which has developed a close association with white nationalists known for racism, misogyny and anti-Semitism. Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign Pepe has taken on nefarious political and social connotations. Often used by Trump enthusiasts, the infamous frog was even tweeted out by Donald Trump Jr. in a photo-shopped image.


While some were upset by the post, there was also a flurry of anger in response to its removal. Some even vowed to boycott the restaurant until the meme is reposted. Daily Stormer, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi website offered praise to the restaurant, endorsing Wendy’s as the “official burger joint of the Alt-Right."


Following its removal, the social media account tweeted that its community leader who posted the meme was unaware of the “recent evolution” of the meme. Pepe has been drawn as Hitler, a Klansman and photo shopped in next to gas chambers, among other anti-Semetic illustrations.


This was not Wendy’s first moment in the social media hot seat of late. This past week, the restaurant’s Twitter account engaged in a roast battle with a user who called them out for not using fresh beef. The exchange escalated to such a fever pitch that the other Twitter user deleted their account.

As far as the Pepe meme goes, we dub this burger joint’s error not well done.

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