Subway Photo Goes Viral
(Jackie Summers/Facebook)

A harmonious picture of Hasidic Jews and a Muslim woman takes over the Internet

These days a picture is worth a thousand (or several thousand) ... clicks.

In the past few days, a particular photograph captured on the subway has garnered thousands of social media shares.

As it happens, on Easter Sunday, religious worlds melded when people from three different backgrounds came together in harmony.

Giving up a subway seat in New York is always a big mitzvah — but in this case, the gesture offered extra meaning.

It started when a self-proclaimed Taoist named Jackie Summers offered his seat in order for an Orthodox Jewish couple to be able to sit together.

Following Summers’ act of kindness, the Hasidic couple made room so that a Muslim woman could sit down and nurse her baby.

Since being posted on Facebook on Sunday, the photo has gone viral receiving over 53,000 likes and almost 41,000 shares.

Taken on the F Train, running between Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, the picture bridged three worlds in one simple snap.

In the photo, the caption reads: “This is my America: people letting people be people.”

Amen … or whatever Taoists say. 

Hasidic couple and Muslim woman

Jackie Summers


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