Identity Theft Epidemic - Is Your Bank Account Safe?

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You can certainly be the next unwilling recipient of the no.1 and fastest growing crime in the united states, identity theft.

In accordance with the FTC, there are generally ten million people now being cheated every year. Some other stats on identity fraud are listed below:

  • 10% of people in America are identity theft victims.
  • Identity is usually stolen every four seconds in the U.S.
  • The average cost to recover a stolen identity is $9,000, excluding lawyer fees.
  • Victims tend to be investing over 800 hours in trying to regain their good name.
  • It usually takes a year on average, for a victim to observe the crime.
  • Id theft thief may not use any stolen details, until years later.
  • Over 300 MILLION records of U.S. citizens have been presented due to security breaches since January 05.
  • The "Black Underground Market" for non-public information (NPI) has overtaken the U.S. illegal drug trafficking market.

With all these unbelievable identity theft facts, should concern each and every person/consumer in this country. In just as much, that we ought to be more cautious and defensive about how and who we give our non-public details to, but also you should be asking for more id theft regulation, fees and penalties, and legal charges on identity fraud criminals and business id theft of stolen or lost NPI of customers and employees.

Our 5 Recommendations to Avoid Identity Theft

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When it comes to the crunch, the only positive way to avoid identity theft is always to cancel any credit accounts that can easily be digitally used.

As this is not an option in the current era, I am going to provide you with a list of best practices recommended to protect you and your loved ones from potentially disastrous destruction of your financial circumstances and credit history.

Recommendation #1

Be sure each and every bank card and account you use has free id theft and fraud insurance coverage. When I fell victim, I was promptly treated because my lender had my back covered.

Recommendation #2

Have an expert to make sure that your laptop or computer is sufficiently fire-walled and any kind of wireless network has an effective security measure. It's easy for any cyberpunk to obtain your personal information if this isn't the case. They have software programs that keep track of each and every keystroke on your hard drive and use most of these programs to rob your data.

Recommendation #3

Meticulously keep an eye on your accounts on a regular basis. The thief that took my details was very careful to make the financial transactions on the Saturday and Sunday, morning hours when I was unlikely to locate the activity.

Recommendation #4

Buy some sort of Credit Monitoring software. Most of these online applications can be worth their weight in gold. Moreover, they inform you about the same changes in account balances and increments of derogatory credit, but most of all they inform you in case any credit card is issued in your name. That's the way they hit hardest. By mentioning you up on the document for a new address and opening up a new bank account in your name.

Recommendation #5

Buy a home/office document shredder and use it. Dumpster diving continues to be used for acquiring consumer details.

If you take all these basic steps, you'll be protecting you and your loved ones from possible attacks. The risk of having your id and your money stolen is serious, and without a productive plan in place, you could find yourself broke and fighting a constant fight to recover your financial situation and your credit. You won't ever think it'll happen to you until it does. Take my word for it!

Sign Up for A Quality Id Theft Prevention Service & Restoration

As, id theft crime is growing; several organizations have started offering some sort of identity fraud service, so be very picky in this important and much-required service. Don't be enticed by the $1 million guarantees/warranties or counting on credit agency fraud notifications or freezes for shielding your credit/financial data (also, that's just your financial statements, what about your social security number, medical information, driver license number.

There are id theft solutions which were screened and documented by Doug Pollack, News reporter of CBS television studios (TrustedID, Debrix, and LifeLock) that fail terribly in the test in protecting someone's credit information. Therefore, you have to understand that all providers aren't the same, in features, quality services, or benefits. 

Get Your Credit Track Record Quarterly (Federal Law Permits 3/Year)

Your credit tracking service of choice will give you one as well. Credit report monitoring provider allows:

  1. 1st Qtr. Transunion
  2. 2nd Qtr. and 3rd Qtr. Equifax
  3. 4th Qtr. Experian

Never get your credit history all at once. You can get your free at

Obtain the non-financial or consumer reports, that are free once every year by federal Law. This covers under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA).

Through all these sources you'll be able to find out if you were a victim of id theft in your non-financial reports, for example, medical details records, criminal record check, renter records, auto reports, personal property report, insurance claims, among others. Each one of these records ought to be a check on a yearly basis.

Physical Security and Mail or Document Security Is the Utmost Significance

Only have mail sent to a PO Box or use a very secure & solid Lock Box. If you are using a PO Box always shred your own Unsolicited Mail. Don't put in the trash can. Do not leave postal mail in your post office box for pickup. Take your mail to the Postal Service or drop postal mail into blue USA Parcel Service mailboxes.

By adhering to all these several pro-active measures, you will be able to keep yourself from becoming a victim of identity fraud and cutting your losses.

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