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Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu do some hardcore bonding while their husbands meet

On Wednesday afternoon, the first lady of the United States and her Israeli counterpart met at the White House’s South Lawn entrance. This was not Melania Trump’s and Sara Netanyahu’s first encounter. 

In November, Netanyahu called Trump after her husband’s win in November, and the prime minister reported that the two women were, “looking forward to seeing each other in Washington and to working together to strengthen the ties between Israel and the U.S.A,” according to International Business Times.

In addition to bolstering America’s relationship with the Holy Land, the two ladies had another task on the agenda: to straight up bond with each other. One of the traditional, unspoken duties of the first lady is to host guests such as spouses of visiting dignitaries and show them a good time.

For President Trump and First Lady Netanyahu the festivities started off stale with a stilted greeting from the president who kept Bibi's wife at arm's length and opted for a series of awkward hand gestures from afar. But things perked up when perhaps, overcompensating for her husband's lack of affection, Melania Trump placed her hand on Sara Netanyahu's rear end as the couples walked into the White House.

While Melania's spirited gesture may have broken the ice, one might wonder what a 46-year-old Slovenian former model and a 58-year-old Israeli educational psychologist have in common: the answer is, a lot.

Here are some parallels between Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu:

1. Melania: She is Trump’s third wife  

Sara: She is Netanyahu’s third wife

2. Melania: English is her second language

Sara: English is her second language.

3. Melania: Met her husband while she was working on the runway.

Sara: Met her husband while she was working on the runway (kind of, he picked her up while they   were both riding the moving walkways in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam; she was a flight attendant.

4. Melania: Really, really loves to spend money

Sara: Really, really loves to spend money

5. Melania: The Trump household (not under Melania) has been investigated for mistreating staff and withholding wages

Sara: Household has been investigated for mistreating staff and withholding wage

6. Neither of them lives in the White House.

While we don’t have access to their itinerary, we are going to take a stab at how the two passed the time.

First, Trump offered to take Netanyahu on a shopping spree — just as long as it wasn’t to Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. After shopping, Netanyahu asked for a tour of the White House and Trump happily obliged by ordering them a private jet and heading over to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to show her around. After the tour, Trump showed Netanyahu her method of preparation for stressful public speeches, and the two spent hours watching videos of Michelle Obama on YouTube. Then Netanyahu took Trump out for ice cream at the BG Restaurant on Fifth Avenue (the pricey café overlooking Central Park located at the high-end department store, Bergdorf Goodman), getting them both her favorite flavor of French vanilla (her husband Bibi favors pistachio) … for which she sent the $100 bill to the taxpayers.

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