"A Visitor from the Living" + "The Karski Report"

"A Visitor from the Living" (1999, France/Germany, 65m, DigiBeta)

Claude Lanzmann ("Shoah") grappled with the existence of Czechoslovakia’s Theresienstadt, a fortress town that the Nazis presented as a “model Jewish settlement” for propaganda purposes. His tête-à-tête with Maurice Rossel (filmed in 1979) hinges on the latter’s tour of the camp in his capacity as a representative of the International Red Cross — and his subsequent evaluation, in which he accorded it a positive grade; Lanzmann presents the man with damning evidence.

"A transfixing addendum to this filmmaker's 'Shoah.'" — Janet Maslin, The New York Times

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"The Karski Report" (2010, France, 49m, Digibeta)

Polish Resistance fighter Jan Karski had been interviewed by Claude Lanzmann for "Shoah"; a quarter-century later, the publication of a new book about Karski which the director perceived as wrongly critical motivated him to mount a rebuttal. The documentary telefilm preserves Karski’s startlingly detailed account of his visits to London and Washington, D.C. — including a meeting with President Roosevelt — in attempting to sound the alarm about the wartime situation in Poland.

"Extraordinary" — Variety

Introduced by critic Richard Brody (The New Yorker) on Nov. 10.

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