WATCH: La La Land Passover Parody

In this new video the Y-Studs pay tribute to the big film’s opening number as they prep for their Seders

Unlike the matzah that will grace many seder tables next week, a new online video has risen.

By now, everyone’s heard of “La La Land,” but fresh on the pop culture scene is “La La Passover,” the newest parody song and music video by Yeshiva University’s a cappella group the Y-Studs.

Last year, the group released the video “Seder,” a Passover-inspired take on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Now, the Jewish vocalists are riding the wave of the immense popularity of the 2017 Academy Award-winning musical film (the score of which was written by MOT Justin Hurwitz.)

Shot in Seasons Kosher Supermarket in Passaic, N.J., the “La La Land” tribute plays off the film’s big opening number “Another Day of Sun.” Replacing the congested Los Angeles freeway with a crowded grocery store and the colorful dresses and suits with checkout boy uniforms, the seder satire makes use of the sprawling venue as the ensemble sings and dances through the aisles.

Choreographed by Vivake Khamsingsavath, the video features dancers Casey Bagnall, Ander Arabolaza, Mark Deler, Adam Jankas, Danny Mchuh, Francissco Gonzales, Luke Lewicki, Simon Lambert, Pasha Gorbachev and Clint Hromsco.

As the group leaps, twirls and skips around the market, they pick up foods and goods in preparation of the big holiday (“preparations have begun,” which this year falls on April 10th.

Lines like, “I think about that day when the entire Jewish nation puts their bread away” and “Without a nickel to our names kosher foods free of grain/ all these prices just insane but gluten free” bring levity to the laborious tale of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt.

One of the singers, who is dressed up like a little kid, sings, “And even when mom answers no or when the seder’s moving slow/ my macaroons and Crispios are all I need.”

But even with the humorous references to the lighter aspects of the holiday, the lyrics circle back to the more poignant traditions of Passover with the lines, “And when the sun goes down/ our family’s gather round/ our people so renowned” and “And when we’re all engaged in song of generations going strong/ that will be the thing to push us on.”

The Y-Studs members are Akiva Abramowitz, Jared Ehrenreich, Josh Eisenberg, Uri Garber,  Yoni Gelfand, Jonathan Green, Michael Lefkovits, Jake Litwin, Ari Mandelbaum, Gedalia Penner, Kevin Perlitsh, Nathaniel Ribner, Eitan Rubin and Ilan Swartz-Brownstein.

Founded in 2010, the Washington Heights-based group has written a number of tributes to popular songs, including Jewish holiday parodies “Don’t Let Me Down” for Chanukah,
“Seder” (“Thriller”) for Passover, and “A One Direction Hannukah.” The Y-Studs will tour Columbia in June.