Jewish Rockettes Exist and They Light The Menorah

A look inside Radio City Music Hall's Members of The Tribe.

Radio City Music Hall would be just another building in Manhattan without them and Christmas wouldn’t be nearly as festive. We’re talking about the Rockettes, the high-kicking dancers that you can find in midtown Manhattan. They’re an annual part of the music hall’s Christmas Spectacular, but did you know that some of the Rockettes are Jewish? More than that, did you know that they light menorah together before the show begins during the days of Chanukah?

The Rockettes are a lot more Jewish than you’d think. For example, Rhonda Kaufman Malkin would stay with local Jews when touring with the dancers rather than stay in a hotel. Megan Levinson made headlines when she lit a menorah she’d bought in Israel backstage at Radio City Music Hall.

“Rockettes represent women from all over the world and from many diverse backgrounds,” said a PR coordinator for the dancers.

The Rockettes

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