Second Night Seder For All Ages

The Second Night Seder For All Ages will begin at 6:30pm, but please arrive earlier to find your seat and get settled. This is a large seder of about 250 people. Some show up at this seder by themselves, some with a family member, and some with a friend. If you wish, you can choose to sit at a table for singles

Sitting around a spread of veggies, baba ganouch and other snacks, we will delve this year, as we have done in the past, into "A Different Night, The Family Participation Haggadah." You are welcome to take it home when the seder is over. We will read (sometimes in Hebrew and sometimes in English), sing, discuss and debate. And also schmooze. After dipping into the haggadah (pun intended!) for about two hours, we will be served dinner buffet style. And after that, Grace, Miriam’s Cup, Hallel and a lot of singing. 

10 seats will be set aside for walk-ins.

Menu 2019: gefilte fish, chicken, tossed salad, ratatouille, carrot tzimmis, matzah farfel wifh mushrooms, assorted sours and olives. And matzah balls in vegetarian gravy (not in soup!). Carbonated beverage. A cookie dessert follows. Matzah unlimited. Wine — the traditional four cups.

All food is kosher for Passover. Because of kashrut policies, you may NOT bring any food or drink with you to the seder.

Please bring a photo I.D.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 6:30pm to 10:00pm



Prince George Ballroom
15 E. 27th St.
New York, NY 10010


$80; $55 for those who cannot pay the full price

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