"Paradise" — LAST DAY

Through the compelling story of three individuals, Olga, Jules and Helmut, whose paths cross amidst the devastation of war, "Paradise" asks us to examine our own morality. Olga, a Russian aristocratic immigrant and member of the French Resistance, is arrested by Nazi police for hiding Jewish children during a surprise raid. As her punishment, she is sent to jail where she meets Jules, a French-Nazi collaborator who is assigned to investigate her case. Jules grows fond of Olga and offers to go light on her punishment in exchange for sexual favors. Although Olga agrees, and will do whatever it takes to avoid harsh persecution, her hope for freedom quickly fades when events take an unexpected turn when she is sent to a concentration camp.

"The film [is] shot in gorgeous yet austere black and white ... Konchalovsky's lack of sentimentality and textured staging forge a lucid vision of a nightmare." — Chuck Bowen, Slant

Director: Andrei Konchalovsky


Thursday, October 12, 2017 (All day)



Lincoln Plaza Cinema
1886 Broadway
New York, NY 10023

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