Drake’s Home Suffers Soda Raid
Drake performing/Wikimedia commons

On Monday a young woman trapped herself in a room with a bunch of the Jewish rapper’s bubbly beverages

Things recently got fizzy for Drizzy.

The famous Jewish rapper may be known for popping kosher Bartenura bottles in his music videos but on Monday — it was his bottles of soda that were getting all the attention.

According to CNN, a 24-year-old woman named Mesha Collins allegedly broke into Drake’s home in Los Angeles. She was arrested for breaking and entering with the “intent to steal the victim’s personal property.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department found Collins locked in a room among unopened containers of soda and water. After all, in his song “Deceiving” he did predict his fans would “be thirsty.”



After being arrested for burglary, Collins’ bail has been posted at $100,000 and she was expected to appear in court on Wednesday morning.

Authorities have reported that nothing else was taken from Drake’s house and no damages had been incurred.

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the Canadian musician was raised Jewish, had a bar mitzvah and named his sports club, The Sher Club, after his late Jewish grandparents.

Considering it was still Passover ... at least she didn’t take his matzah. 


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