"Lust in the Dust"

(Oct. 14 & 15) — The hunt for buried gold draws assorted western stock characters to the town of Chili Verde, New Mexico. "Lust in the Dust" (1980) stars 1950s matinee idol Tab Hunter, who was also responsible for the screenplay, the Jewish diva icon Lainie Kazan and Divine. In 1980, Hunter’s career had been resuscitated by John Waters when he was cast as Divine’s husband in "Polyester." As a result, Hunter hit upon the idea of casting Divine as dance hall girl Rosie, one of two female lead roles in "Lust in the Dust," alongside saloon owner Margarita (Kazan). Henry Silva (you'll know his face) is her bartender/lover Bernardo. Cesar Romero is the open-minded Father Garcia. Reportedly, director Paul Bartel had to reign in Hunter from “green room directing” the actors during the filming, owing no doubt to his sense of ownership over the story. The title is a reference to Gregory Peck’s mocking nickname for "Duel in the Sun" (1946).

Oct. 14 at 9:15pm and Oct. 15 at 4:15pm.


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