McDonald’s Blasts Donald Trump On Twitter
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The Donald and the fast food burger chain might be in a McFeud

It was the McTweet heard around the world. For a few minutes at least.

On Thursday morning, McDonald’s tweeted negatively about Donald Trump — and lots of people are “lovin’ it.”

More than 900 people liked the spicy message that has been retweeted at least 872 times in the short period it appeared on one of the popular fast food franchise’s official Twitter accounts.

While McDonalds is not known for its kosher fare in the United States, Israel’s chains provide the famous fries and burgers that observant MOTs can consume without needing to atone on Yom Kippur.

In 1995, the first kosher McDonald’s opened in Mevaseret Zion. Since then, 50 of the restaurants (of the 180) operate under kosher supervision. They have no dairy products, they are closed on Shabbat and Jewish holidays and they even serve special unleavened buns for Passover.

Operated by Alonyal Limited, McDonald’s Israel is owned and run by Israeli mogul Omri Padan, who is the president of the local licensee for McDonalds’.

Many Americans who travel to Israel on vacation or on study abroad programs or Birthright are delighted to discover the famous food chain serves up kosher food after years of feeling left out of the Mickey D’s zeitgeist.

As far as the disparaging tweet, speculations include that the account was hacked or that the salty words were the handiwork of a rogue staffer or intern.

In response, McDonald’s company spokesperson, Terri Hickey said, “Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this,” according to Yahoo News.

Trump, who is known to enjoy fast food quite a bit, once appeared in a commercial for McDonald’s. In the ad, he boasts about putting together some “really impressive deals” then promotes the company’s “big and tasty for just a dollar.”

In the video, which was released in 2002, Trump puts his arm around one of the company’s mascots, Grimace, and while gazing out a New York City skyscraper window, he says, “Together, Grimace, we can own this town.”

Grimace indeed.    



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