"The Great Pretender" — U.S. THEATRICAL PREMIERE

(Dec. 6-12) — Nathan Silver's most recent film is a kind of anti-rom-com, centering on Mona (Maëlle Poésy), a young French playwright who has returned to New York to mount an autobiographical play based on her tumultuous affair with married photographer Nick (Linas Phillips). Silver charts the typically complicated and torturous relationships that spring up between Mona, Nick, and the two actors recruited to play them onstage: Chris (Keith Poulson) and Thérèse (Esther Garrel of "Call Me By Your Name").

"One of modern American cinema’s great not-quite-romances ... suggests a modernization of Fitzgerald’s 'The Great Gatsby.' Perhaps the hipster New York City of this film is a socially lower-fi jazz age" (Slant Magazine).

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