Netflix Expands Its Presence In Israel

Israelis can finally embrace the concept of “Netflix and chill.”

The popular TV and movie streaming service announced yesterday that it will now be available in Israel. Gearing to Hebrew-speaking users, the Israeli version of Netflix will have a Hebrew interface, offer pricing in shekels, as well as feature additional Israeli television series and films, along with its current library of content.

There will also be Hebrew subtitles or dubbing offered for 75% of Netflix’s international material.

While Netflix originally became available in Israel in January 2016, it was limited in scope. Its interface was only listed in English or Arabic and due to preexisting licensing deals, only a portion of international content was available to viewers.

Now, TV buffs from Haifa to Eilat can binge on Israeli hits like B'nei Arubah and Fauda along with Netflix originals like Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why.

Netflix’s Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Friedland explained why the rollout was a great fit for the streaming service.

“Israel knows great entertainment and now it’s even easier to watch the world's favorite shows on Netflix anytime, anywhere,” he told The Jerusalem Post. 

What Israeli shows and movies should you be watching on Netflix right now?

If you're looking to be on the edge of your seat, try FaudaThe thriller focuses on a former soldier who returns to his undercover unit to help capture a notorious terrorist.

If you want something that will make you laugh out loud, go for Zero Motivation. The dark comedy focuses on women working mundane desk jobs during their mandatory IDF service. 

If Best Picture winners are your thing, consider Sand Storm. The film, which is entirely in Arabic, tells the story of a Bedouin mother and daughter who struggle for independence within their traditional culture. 

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