Beanie Feldstein: The Jew Crush

Why we love the actress and comedienne on the rise.

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of a new actress breaking out into super stardom. After breakout roles in “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” and most recently the Golden Globe winning “Lady Bird,” Jewish actress Beanie Feldstein is seizing the public spotlight. And we couldn’t be more excited for her! Born Elizabeth Feldstein (we’ll get to her nickname shortly) in Los Angeles to Sharon Lyn Chalkin, a costume designer, and Richard Feldstein, a tour accountant for Guns N' Roses. And at just 24, Feldstein’s career has nowhere to go but up.

Here are seven reasons why Beanie Feldstein is Jew crush worthy...

1. Her friends are talented too:

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Beanie is good friends with Broadway actor Ben Platt who was the original star of the smash hit “Dear Evan Hansen.” They met at a friend’s bat mitzvah in the seventh grade.


2. She wore her high school prom dress to the SAG Awards:

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 Speaking to People, she said “I looked at myself and I was like, ‘What!?'” she told the magazine. “My mom and her best friend were just laughing so hard, like, ‘You have to wear it! There’s just no other dress that would be better.'”



3. Her older brother is Jonah Hill:


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Need we say more? Talent (and humor!) must run in the family



4. She’s obsessed with “Bridesmaids.”


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On the set of “Lady Bird” her and co-star, Saoirse Ronan, would reportedly whisper quotes from the movie to each other.



5. She refers to herself as “The Bean."


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Beanie called herself “The Bean” in a piece for The New Yorker. This was in context to her getting the role of Minnie Fay in the Broadway production of "Hello, Dolly!" and just getting parts in general. “I’ve never met anyone that I feel is like me or looks like me,” said Feldstein. “There’s just one of Beanie Feldstein. So I started saying, ‘They either want the Bean, or they don’t want the Bean.’ ”



6. She doesn't take herself too seriously.



they didn't have strong female chubby jewish sidekick so I had to settle

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Posting a picture of herself on Instagram, Beanie wore a sweatshirt that said “Strong Female Lead.” In the caption, she wrote, “They didn’t have strong female chubby Jewish sidekick, so I had to settle.”


7. Her strength of character is inspiring:

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Last year, Beanie’s older brother Jordan, a music manager, passed away. After the tragedy she went immediately sought to honor his memory.  “Jordi was one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known in my life, and he was so incredible at what he did, so I feel like me continuing to work is honoring his work ethic that I always so admired in him,” she said in an interview with The Cut.




they didn't have strong female chubby jewish sidekick so I had to settle

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