Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas’ Best Moments From ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Trailer
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The NJBs team up again for another micro adventure!

One of 2015’s biggest surprises was “Marvel’s Ant-Man.” Not only did it expertly introduce a lesser-known hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it did so with a ton of heart and fun. The casting of the central characters was spot-on, so that you couldn’t imagine anyone else in the roles of Scott Lang and Hank Pym than Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.


Pym, the original Ant-Man and Lang’s mentor in the first movie, invented the Pym Particles, which allow him to shrink and grow objects at will. Rudd and Douglas, two Jewish actors, will be teaming up again in this summer’s sequel, “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” Yes, we know Douglas is only half-Jewish, but he considers himself a Jew and has even won Jewish honors like the Genesis Prize (aka the “Jewish Nobel”).

Marvel released the first trailer for the follow-up and we’ve been poring over it ever since to break down the best moments involving Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. You can thank us later…




Scott realizes he should’ve had the Wasp back him up in “Civil War”

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In the beginning of the trailer, Scott asks Hope van Dyne (Pym’s daughter played by Evangeline Lilly) if she’d have fought alongside him at the German airport in “Captain America: Civil War.” She responds, “I guess we’ll never know, but [if I had been there], you’d have never been caught.” That airport scene is where we saw Ant-Man become Giant Man for the first time, but for all the good it did, Scott ended up captured and incarcerated at sea. Luckily, Cap broke him out.


Hank literally shrinks an entire building:

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Along with the Pez dispenser of doom at the end of the trailer, this is one of the coolest things in the teaser. Using his Pym Particles, Hank just shrinks an entire building and then just rolls it away as if it were a suitcase. This certainly tops the tank keychain growing into an actual tank from the first “Ant-Man.”



Scott takes to the skies:

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One of Ant-Man’s abilities is the power to communicate and control ants. Kind of obvious when you consider his hero name, but in the last movie, Scott’s flying ant pal “Antony” was killed (rip). Thankfully, it looks like he found a suitable replacement for his winged insect friend.


Ant-Man welcomes some tourists:

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Thanks to this trailer, we know Ant-Man will turn into Giant Man once more, this time to rise out of the San Francisco Bay and scare a whole lot of people on a ferry. How did he get into the Bay in the first place? We’ll find out in July.


The Wasp > Ant-Man:


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The Wasp’s suit has so many more weapons at its disposal like wings and blasters. “So, I take it you didn’t have that tech available for me?” asks Lang.


“No, I did,” replies Pym in a perfectly hilarious deadpan.


“Ant-Man and the Wasp” opens in theaters July 6.

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