Here are all the ‘Jewish’ Movies Coming to Netflix in February
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The first month of the new year is almost over, but your Netflix binge of 2018 is just beginning. A whole new roster of movies is on its way to the streaming platform and a good bunch of them have ties to Judaism, some more obvious than others. Here they are:

Pretty Much all of the “American Pie” Movies




What do a series of raunchy sex-based comedies have to do with Judaism? One thing: Eugene Levy. Just as Anthony Daniels has appeared in every “Star Wars” film as C-3PO, Levy has reprised his role of Noah Levenstein in all eight “American Pie” movies. In each case, both actors have set the record for most consecutive appearances in a particular film franchise. Born in Ontario to a Russian-Jewish family, Levy’s owlish neb shtick is iconic in Hollywood. He also stars in the show "Schitt's Creek" with his son Dan.

“Meet the Fockers” and “Meet the Parents”



More raunchy comedies that are half-Jewish in the sense that Ben Stiller’s character is Jewish. In “Meet the Fockers,” his parents are played by Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand. Among Yid-related gags is a foreskin (saved from Stiller’s character’s bris) falling into a pot of fondue.

“Men in Black”



If you think a film about a top secret government agency policing alien life on earth has nothing to do with the Jewish people, then you’re sadly mistaken. First off, it was directed by Jewish director Barry Sonnenfeld. Moreover, when Will Smith’s character first visits MIB headquarters there is a video monitor that shows a number of prominent aliens masquerading as humans on earth. Among these extraterrestrials is none other than Steven Spielberg who served as a producer on the movie.

“Evan Almighty”



A modern day retelling of the story of Noah and the great flood, “Evan Almighty” might not have been as popular as the movie that inspired it, “Bruce Almighty.” Still, it offers a redeeming arc for Steve Carell’s Evan whose character was a major******in the previous film.




Steven Spielberg’s biopic on Lincoln’s efforts to end the American Civil War is as moving as it is entertaining. It was written by the Jewish Tony Kushner (also the scribe on “Munich”), directed by a Jew (Spielberg), and acted in by a Jew (Daniel Day-Lewis, who won his third Oscar for this movie).


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Men in Black


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