5 Jewish Moments At The Oscars

Yiddish-speaking droids, Wonder Woman, and more!

Another year of Academy Awards has come and gone, but it was a night we won’t soon forget. It was definitely one for the history books.

Not only did Jordan Peele (“Get Out”) become the first black screenwriter to win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, but “The Shape of Water” was the first science fiction film to take home the prize for Best Picture.

Then there’s all the amazing Jewish aspects of the ceremony that you might have missed. For example, did you know that the main stars of “Call Me By Your Name,” Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, are both Jewish? It also helps the film centers on a young Jewish boy living in Italy during the 1980s.

Here are the Top 5 Jewish-related moments at the 90th Academy Awards...


BB-8 speaks Yiddish:


Courtesy of ABC

Oscar Isaac, Mark Hamill, and Kelly Marie Tran, three cast members from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” presented the awards for Best Animated Short and Best Animated Feature. Joining them was the popular gyroscopic droid BB-8 who is owned by Isaac’s character, Poe Dameron, in the new trilogy. When asked by Tran how Poe can always understand BB-8’s random beeps and boops, Isaac answered (totally deadpan) “I’m fluent in Yiddish.”  
Suddenly, this shot from “The Force Awakens” makes a lot of sense now:


Spielberg joins the war on drugs:


Courtesy of ABC


At one point during the show, host Jimmy Kimmel walked the aisles, asking funny questions to some of the most high-profile guests. One of these was Steven Spielberg to whom he asked “Got any pot?” Spielberg’s response? To pull his jacket closer around himself as if he was hiding marijuana, proving that he is certainly a national treasure. Spielberg’s journalism-focused “The Post” was nominated for Best Picture.


“Mary Poppins” teaser:



Disney finally realized the first teaser for its sequel to the first “Mary Poppins,” which is titled “Mary Poppins Returns” and stars famous “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The follow-up, which was 54 years in the making, has a Jewish connection to 1964 musical classic. The music was written by the Jewish Sherman brothers, Richard and Robert. The duo are famous for writing songs for other iconic projects like “The Jungle Book,” “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh,” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Richard and Robert were portrayed in the semi-biographical movie “Saving Mr. Banks” (about the production of the first “Mary Poppins”) by Jason Schwartzman and B.J. Novak.


“Mary Poppins Returns” arrives in theaters this Christmas.


“The Shining” ad:


Courtesy of the Academy of Arts and Sciences


In promoting its upcoming film museum, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences aired a hilarious commercial, promoting the haunted Overlook Hotel from Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” Played as a straight hotel ad, this version of the Overlook is the one from the 1980 movie made by Jewish director Stanley Kubrick.


Wonder Woman surprises a movie audience:



In one of the more amusing segments of this year’s Oscars (other than the jet ski contest), Jimmy Kimmel rounded up a bunch of Hollywood stars to surprise a bunch of fans across the street from the ceremony who thought they were going to see a screening of “A Wrinkle in Time” at the TCL Chinese Theater. One member of Kimmel’s posse was Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. When she showed up, the entire crowd went nuts for the Israeli actress and model. Joining her was Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Armie Hammer (“Call Me By Your Name”) who was shooting hot dogs out of a hot dog-shaped cannon.

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