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Debra Messing: The Jew Crush

We’ve been a big fan for a long time — and we’re not Messing around

Even without the flaming-red mane and infectious smile, Debra Messing gets our hearts a-flutter. Born in Brooklyn, the Jewish actress started acting, singing and dancing at a young age, starring in school productions of the musicals “Annie” and “Grease.” Some of her talent genes come from her mother, who was a singer (in addition to being a banker and travel/real estate agent); the propensity for multi-tasking also seems to swim through her DNA. Messing, 48, will soon return to her starring role on the mega hit sitcom “Will & Grace” in a hotly anticipated reunion show. And just like her feelings towards baked goods in the comedy series, we are crushing hard.

Seven reasons we have a Jew crush on Debra Messing:

1. Bat mitzvah babe. Messing had a traditional bat mitzvah in East Greenwich, R.I., where she and her parents moved when she was a child. Though from her red locks you might take her for Irish — The “Mysteries of Laura” star descends from Polish and Russian ancestors.

2. Theater titan. Though Messing is best known for television and film roles, she started out on the stage. From high school plays she went onto acting in the pre-Broadway production of Tony Kushner’s lauded play “Angels in America: Perestroika.” Her performance won critical acclaim and subsequently she turned down a starring role in a television sitcom to appear in Donald Marguiles’ MARGULIES’ two-character play, “Collected Stories,” which opened at the Off-Broadway Manhattan Theater Club.

3. Smarty pants. Before she was playing written parts, Messing was starring as a student. Attending Brandeis University, known for its strong Jewish student body and rigorous academic programs, she studied theater while being open to a variety of courses. Graduating summa cum laude, Messing went on to the prestigious Graduating Acting Program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts earning an MFA in three years.

4. “Will & Grace.” Her name on the show may not be biblically tradition for readers of the Old Testament, but Grace was no doubt an MOT (she insisted to the creators that they make her character Jewish). While Grace does not lead an active religious lifestyle, her character comes equipped with the typical neuroses and eccentricities that yield many of the comedic moments in the show. And to be fair, her last name is Adler.

5. Can take a stand. When accepting a recent GLADD Excellence in Media Award, Messing called out Ivanka Trump, insisting that the first daughter needs to start backing up her claims to support women with action. She invoked their shared faith saying, “Let’s talk for a second, Jewish mother to another.” She went on to draw on Passover saying that Trump would feel better about herself sitting at her Seder with her children knowing she had fought for justice. We’ll drink four cups of wine to that.

6. Going vintage. Reunion shows can be tricky, but we have the utmost faith in the gang from “Will & Grace.” In a recent promotion, the ensemble cast gets together in the old Upper West Side apartment and Messing, who exhibits strong feelings of reservation and fear about going back to the show, begins to sing pensively and the teaser erupts into a mini musical. Based off of that performance alone, we are not worried for her.

7. Uses her voice to help others. She doesn’t only play the best friend of a gay man on the show, Messing has been a staunch activist for the LGBTQ community for years. In early May at and award ceremony for GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy group, she delivered a speech pushing for equality (and also addressed the delicate issues of healthcare and immigration policies), invoking Ivanka Trump to please stand up to her father.

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