Drake Sets Record At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards
Drake/Wikimedia commons

The Jewish rapper could barely hold all of his awards at the Las Vegas event

Drizzy was less so holding and more so schlepping his many trophies when leaving the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.  

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the Canadian Jewish rapper, 30, dominated the annual music awards, winning 13 honors (perhaps a little Jewish luck there?), setting the high mark surpassing pop star Adele who held the previous record.

Drake, who had a bar mitzvah (which he recreated on “Saturday Night Live” in a sketch when he was hosting in 2014), often infuses his songs with elements of his Jewish heritage: in his hit, “Still Drake,” he raps, “I flow tight like I was born Jewish/Well, actually I was born Jewish” and his music video “Do It Now” features the kosher, sweet sparkling wine, Bartenura Moscato.

Hosted at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the venue was a fitting tribute itself, as Drake has been the spokesperson for the cell phone carrier in television ads for a while, including a Super Bowl commercial this past February.

Among the honors he received, Drake won “Top Rap Song,” “Top Streaming Artist, “Top Rap Artist,” “Top Male Artist,” and “Artist of the Year.”

During his acceptance speech for Top Billboard 200 Album for “Views,” Drake made a not-so-subtle pass at co-host Vanessa Hudgens, telling her she looked “incredible.” While his mother may still be holding out for a Jewish daughter-in-law, pop culture fans would be probably eat the match up like a chocolate babka.

At one point Drake acknowledged how life is fleeting and it’s important “to show love while we’re here.” Back in 2015, the music star did just that when he named his new club after his Jewish grandparents, calling it the Sher Club — we are sure Zayde Rueben and Bubbe Evelyn would have been proud then and we’re sure they are proud now.


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