Elizabeth Ziman

"Elizabeth and the Catapult ("Christmas and the Jews") has a new album called "Like It Never Happened." It's the product of the band's namesake Elizabeth Ziman’s creative labors over the past year and a half. After touring and releasing two full length albums on Verve Records, Ziman took to busking in the subways of her beloved New York to teach herself to play guitar. Long a piano-centric performer and songwriter, the guitar revitalized Ziman and led to an outpouring of new songs. Ziman originally intended to record the new material with musical idol Richard Swift, but her focus shifted as former bandmate Dan Molad ("Lucius," "Here We Go Magic") stepped in. "Like It Never Happened" was co-produced by Molad and Peter Lalish ("Lucius").

"Her piano playing, reflecting classical studies, can be virtuosic at her best; Ms. Ziman brings her own core of craft and insight to the mainstream. She tucks musicianly treats into her songs: meter shifts, unexpected chord progressions and structures that break free of verse-chorus-bridge, all crisply executed by her band.” — Jon Pareles, The New York Times



Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 8:00pm



The Owl Music Parlor
497 Rogers Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11225


$10 Suggested donation