"From the East"

(Sept. 14 & 15) — With the fall of the Soviet Union still fresh in memory, Chantal Akerman, a second-generation Holocaust survivor, set off to travel through Western Europe and then onward to a snowbound Moscow, camera in hand. The result is a record of that journey, none the less articulate for its absence of spoken commentary, taking in travelers, landscapes both rural and urban, and a chain of train stations and bus depots. Much has been written about the lines of people calling to mind the lines of Jews waiting and marching totheir fates during the Holocaust in these same lands. Far from imagining the End of History following the obsolescence of Communism, Akerman's 1993 film seems to clearly descry a hard, new world ahead — and the last quarter century has proven her nothing if not prophetic.

Print courtesy of Institut Français, thanks to the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York. 


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