Top 12 reasons to date an older man

12. Maybe you’re not good at long-term relationships.

11. Less sex

10. You get to be called “Kid” into your 40s (Here’s looking at you).

9. You’re a trophy even at 250 pounds.

8. Often they’re so grateful, they don’t need Viagra.

7. Senior discounts.

6. Even in his 90s, you can still get pregnant (Just look at Abraham).

5. Less competition (few girls will fight you for him).

4.  His wandering eye isn’t what it used to be.

3. His will is at your command (especially the written one).

2. He wants to take care of you (as opposed to “hang out” with you, which usually means you’re paying for your own dinner).

1. Retirement living gets all the best real estate; get in on it early.


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