Israel Independence Day Blue And White Bash

Hundreds of YJPs celebrated Israel’s birthday in a swanky nightclub downtown where Jewish Americans and Israelis came together to show their pride

For an evening blue and white was the new black.

Israeli pride was bursting from the Meatpacking district last Thursday night. Over 800 young, Jewish professionals took over the Gilded Lily on West 15th street to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day.

Gilded indeed: the posh nightclub hidden under The Monarch Room restaurant evokes the feeling of an urban fairy tale, in which a magic wand had been waved to coat everything in sight in gold.

Hosted by Isramerica, the non-profit organization held its eighth annual event honoring the day, celebrating Yom Ha’atzamaut on Israel’s 69th birthday with a blue and white dress code — and décor to match. Blue and white banners and over 700 flags, donated by El Al, hung from every corner, as guests navigated through the upscale space decked out in the nation’s colors, all echoing the night’s theme: “Israel Independence Day Blue & White Blow Out.”

Founder of Isramerica, Sivan Hadari, in turqoise skinny jeans and a white top (she said she was going for a retro spin on the evening's theme), spiked spirits when she got onstage to pump up the crowd. “If you love Israel wave those flags!” said Hadari, followed by a sea of blue and white flags rising into the air.

Hadari, who was born in Israel and resides in New York, founded Isramerica in 2009 in order to foster a creative community for Israeli and Jewish-American artists in the city — and ultimately to help promote a positive view of Israel among Jews and non-Jews alike.

"Being Israeli-American, I identify with both countries and both communities," said Hadari. "Israelis living in the U.S. or anywhere in the world really, have now become the unofficial spokespeople for Israel overseas. And Zionist American Jews feel a strong connection to that."

As always, Hadari kept it spicy when she bellowed from stage, “Meet a nice Jewish girl or boy, get married and have Jewish babies!” She went on to admit, “I sound like my mother when I say that, but it’s our generation's job to maintain Jewish continuity and identity, and there’s no better way than to make Jewish babies,” added Hadari blending her serious message with blunt humor.

Guests sipped on specialty cocktails like “Desert Sun,” “Happy 69th,” “Blue and White Margarita,” and “Israeli Birthday Punch.” Israeli celebrity DJ Adidor, (who was flown in from Israel by Isramerica for the special event), kept the theme going by spinning a fusion of Israeli, Mizrachi music layered over with America’s top 40 hits.

To recharge, guests visited the dessert bar, boasting sugary sweets all in blue and white.

"When we all come together to celebrate our freedom and our love of Israel, there is a feeling of unity in the room," said Hadari. "And most of all Jewish pride." 

As guests waved their Israeli flags high in the air, singing along to Hebrew songs, and revelers danced until 3 am lighting up the night ... the love for Israel was as clear as day.


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