LGBTQuties Create New Social Network

Jewish entrepreneurs develop a different kind of Facebook

With the last decade’s inundation of social networks, dating sites, online communities and apps, we often feel as if we are drowning in likes, swipes and notifications. However, even with the recent geyser of technological social advancements, certain communities may still feel the Internet is lacking in options that best serve them.

The LGBTQ community is distinct, so it makes sense that there should be an online community catering to its unique needs and interests. Enters, a new social networking site designed to serve the LGBTQ community. Jewish entrepreneurs and founders of the site, Rachel Kimelman and Jordan Weiss, think they have struck that digital gold.

“Rachel and I are both part of the community, so we very much know the market that we serve. Now people have a place to go to that is both safe and nuanced,” says Weiss.

NY Blueprint correspondent, Aaron Herman, attended Techcrunch Disrupt NYC at the Manhattan Center this week, an annual conference that takes place in cities all over the world, in which innovative start ups and entrepreneurs showcase their new businesses and projects. Herman spoke with Kimelman and Weiss about their new site, which is also optimized for mobile use.

“It’s really important to bring people together and bridge the gap. People are looking for something more meaningful in our community”, says Kimelman. Even though there are apps that offer an LGBT component as well as sites that are exclusively devoted to the LGBT community, many of them often lend themselves more to casual relationships or hook-ups rather than providing a platform for deep, significant relationships.

LGBTQutie offers a rich variety of options reflecting all different sexual orientations and gender identities. In addition, there are relationship readiness quizzes visitors can take to provide information to better facilitate more intitmate matches.

The free site's slogan is “find someone as unique as you,” which is followed up with options catering to a slew of preferences. Filterting the level of connection one is looking for is pretty standard; visitors can select friendship, relationship or both. There is much more variety in the interest section. One dropdown offers a comprehensive menu including lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual and queer. There is also the option to select female, male, trans-man, trans-woman, intersex and non-binary. And yes you can check off more than one, and no there is no limit. Click your heart out.

Another aspect that is unique to the site is that unlike Tinder or Grindr, it is not just for hooking up, and unlike OKcupid, which is supposed to be for relationships, but is also usually used for casual hook ups, it is not only for romantic connections, and unlike Linkedin it isn’t just for professional networking, and unlike Facebook it isn’t just for social networking. LGBTQutie covers all of the cyber bases acting as a comprehesnive platform for like minded individuals to forge friendships, find a significant other or simply learn about events happening in the community.

“We have a very diverse community on our site. As Jewish founders we would like to have as many possible Jewish LGBT individuals on the site as we can,” says Weiss. At the end of the day, a Jewish person is still looking for that nice Jewish guy, girl or non-binary to bring home to mom.  

“New York is a large place. You can go to endless bars and clubs trying to find what you’re looking for and end up disappointed,” says Kimelman. Kimelman is referring to the surge of hope we have all felt at the beginning of an evening when going out in pursuit of finding that special someone, followed by the dark realization that all that resulted from the night is a hangover and a lighter wallet.

For members of the LGBTQ community, it looks like the search just got a whole lot easier. And a lot less expensive.




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