Conversos y Tacos - Kosher Gourmet Tacos at Broadway Movie Day Festival

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Kosher Gourmet Tacos - a collaboration with El Paso's Hello Day Cafe and NYC’s own HAKADOSH BBQ will be set up to sling delectable Kosher Tacos at the Broadway Movie Day Festival.  

            With Conversos y Tacos Kosher Gourmet Trucks est. 1492, artist Peter Svarzbein’s has created an opportunity to discover forgotten history through delicious food. His hope is to craft a language to connect Jewish and Mexican food traditions and spark up a conversation about the often hidden Spanish-Jewish presence in the Southwest and Latin America.
Conversos y Tacos Kosher Gourmet Trucks est. 1492 is not only a chance to taste unique multi-cultural creations, but a home to an innovative art installation as well. "Starting 8 years ago I began to work on a body of work photographing and interviewing Latino families who have made an effort to return or convert to Judaism, believing that they were descendants of forced Jewish Converts to Catholicism, (aka Conversos), “ says Svarzbein. “I travelled from Mexicali to Midland, Texas collecting images and stories along the way. When I found out about the City of El Paso's Artist Incubator Program, which helps to fund innovative and location based work by El Paso Artists, a light bulb went off in my head and my belly growled and I knew El Paso needed some delicious Kosher Tacos as a way to create a space to talk about this interesting and relatively unknown aspect between our shared Spanish and Jewish histories."
Conversos y Tacos is excited to take this story and experience on the road with our debut stop in NYC and later in Marfa, Tx and Miami.  “I’m looking for this tour to be a beginning towards the ultimate destination, A road trip down the Historic Camino Real Road, one of the oldest highways of the Americas, driving a kosher taco truck from Santa Fe, NM to Mexico City.”

What is a Cripto Jew, Converso or Anousim?
converso and its feminine form conversa was a Jew, or one of their descendents, who converted under duress to Catholicism in Spain or Portugal, particularly during the 14th and 15th centuries. Mass conversions once took place under significant government pressure such as the Spanish Inquisition of 1492.  Other names for converso include, Marrano, crypto-Jew, New Christian, and Anusim (Hebrew for forced ones).


Peter Svarzbein is an artist, urban interventionist, curator and disruptive media specialist. Svarzbein earned his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and has exhibited work both nationally and internationally including a video installation in the Guggenheim's "Still-Spotting NYC" exhibition, at UTEP's Rubin Gallery in a bi-national exhibition "El Flow" and in the "Puro Border" exhibition at the INBA Museum of Fine Art in Cd. Juarez, Mex. His most recent installation "Conversos Y Tacos Kosher Gourmet Trucks est. 1492" was funded thru the City of El Paso's Artist Incubator Grant and featured on NPR's "Here and Now".




Sunday, July 20, 2014 (All day)


Broadway Movie Day Festival
Broadway, from - W. 47th to W. 57th Streets
New York, NY 10036


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