Mazel Tov! Andy Samberg is a Dad

In surprising baby news, everyone’s favorite NJB, Andy Samberg, confirmed to Us Weekly yesterday that he’s now a first- time dad.

The former SNL star and his wife, Joanna Newsom, kept news of their pregnancy under wraps for nine months. But now that their daughter is here, Samberg can’t help but gush.

At a Television Critics Association panel today for his show, “Brooklyn Nine Nine,” he said. "It feels fantastic. That’s a new project, yes… That takes up a lot [of time]. They're in charge."

Samberg, 38, married Newsom, 35, a musician, in 2013. Samberg told reporters  in 2016 that he “would love a baby someday.” 

In a 2014 interview with Chelsea Handler, Samberg said he and his wife weren’t sure what religion they would raise their child (Newsom is not Jewish). “We haven’t figured it out yet,” he told Handler.

But one thing he is sure about? The comedian doesn’t want his daughter following her father’s footsteps into show business.

When asked if he would try to prevent his daughter from getting into the industry he responded “Yeah, well hopefully."

No word yet on whether she’ll be allowed to watch his D*** in a Box video. Mazel Tov!

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