An Evening of Laughs at Stand Up NY

Elon Gold performing at Stand Up NYRabbi Citron performing at Stand Up NYChloe Hilliard performing at Stand Up NY

A rabbi and an ordained minister walk into a bar.

This could easily be the set up for a joke on any given night at the Stand Up NY comedy club. But, it was actually the scene on Monday August 7 at the “Jew(ish) Show,” a one-night stand up event at the popular Upper West Side venue.

About 70 audience members, many of whom were kippah-clad, laughed their tuchuses off at jokes told by comedians Elon Gold, Chloe Hilliard, Rabbi Citron, Mike Fine, Eli Lebowicz and host Marion Groden.

The theme of the night mainly revolved around Jewish themes and customs.

“I look like someone who's about to either drop out of or join rabbinical school,” said Lebowicz, who wore a bright polo that showed off the bottom of his tzitzit (fringed-garment orthodox Jews wear under their shirts).

Others, like Rabbi Citron, poked fun at fellow Jews.

“The last rabbi who did something new- they crucified him,” he joked.

Though not a member of the tribe, Hilliard, managed to stick in some Jewish themes, speaking of experiences growing up in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Brooklyn.

“I grew up in a Chassidic area so I feel like go big or go home,” she joked.  “Either have 10 kids or don't have any."

Gold, who is the most well-known of the lineup due to his Netflix special “Chosen and Taken,” finished the night up by also relating his material to Judaism.

"Non-Jews aspire to laugh. Jews aspire to leave,” he joked. “We can't wait to get home and complain.”

The show was co-sponsored by NY Blueprint, The Carlebach Shul and Stand Up NY. A follow-up event is in the works.


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