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10 Great Ways To Prank Your Jewish Mother On April Fools' Day
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"He isn't Jewish..."

Anyone who has sprung from the womb of a Jewish mother knows there is really only one type: the overbearing, overprotective, over-loving, over-involved, overreacting one. This April Fools' return that wacky love by pulling some of these lines on the poor woman. 

10 Great Ways To Prank Your Jewish Mother On April Fools' Day:

1. “I have been getting really into Scientology lately. That Tom Cruise is the best.”

2. “I left my house this morning without a backup sweater.”

3. “I can’t wait for you to meet my new boyfriend … his name is Blaze. He goes to clown school.”

4. “You’re going to love my new girlfriend. She’s a Jehovah’s witness and wears a giant crucifix around her tattooed neck.”

5. “I mean, isn’t marriage just a pointless piece of paper? Haha!”

6. “Suntan lotion is for idiots.”

7. “My new favorite thing is to swim right after I eat and sometimes during.”

8. “Your brisket is okay … but I’ve had better. There’s a great Halal food cart near me that's amazing at it.”

9. “I met this Jewish doctor who can’t wait to get married. But he was too tall and rich.”

10. “You don’t really want grandchildren, right?”

Happy April Fools' Day everyone!

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