In New TV Show, Sarah Silverman Hopes to Find Common Ground With ‘Un-like-minded’ People
Silverman discussing her new show alongside producers Amy Zvi, Adam McKay and Gavin Purcell

Can Sarah Silverman bridge the political gap in the United States? She’s going to try.

In her new Hulu series, “I Love You, America,”  which debuts on October 12, the Jewess and vocal Trump critic will travel across the country and speak with people whose views may not match her own.

“I’m hoping to, with this show, connect with un-like-minded people," Silverman told press at a Television Critics Association (TCA) event on July 27. "The mission of the show is that we're all the same. But what's important is that it's funny."

The weekly, half-hour talk show will feature monologues, focus-group discussions and field segments, where Silverman will travel to various locations and interview people.

One segment that is currently planned involves Silverman having dinner with a family from Sidwell, LA., who have never met a Jew.

Silverman says the show is not meant to be a cultural statement.

“This isn’t a show to be written with a furrowed brow,” she told reporters at the TCA event. “What I realized is that it doesn’t have to be ‘look at this deep moment we did.’ What is really important that it’s funny, that it’s silly and it’s aggressively dumb.”

Time will tell what antics will take place during the ten-episode season.

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