Billy Eichner And James Corden Dance The Conga
James Corden and Billy Eichner in "Curbside Conga" sketch/screenshot via youtube

On his show ‘Billy on the Street,’ the comedian attempts a new spin on ‘carpool karaoke’

No, it’s not the hora. But it’s close. Actor and comedian Billy Eichner is combining the success of late-night popular segments like “carpool karaoke” (“The Late Late Show with James Corden”) and “lip sync battle” (“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”) with the stripped-down style of his show “Billy on the Street.” The result? Curbside conga line.




After acknowledging that he’s been told he’s been living in a “bubble” since the election, Eichner decides its’ time to appeal to the masses by going to Los Angeles and developing his own video gimmick that he hopes will go viral. With the assistance of James Corden, Eichner does what he does best: chases strangers down on the sidewalk, yelling exasperated witticisms in attempts to get them involved.

At first, Eichner’s invitations are met with resistance. Several people swivel out of the way or say they are late for work and one man gets pulled into the line against his will as his lackluster expression conveys quiet defeat (a hilarious juxtaposition to the expressive glee of the conga).

But much like the intrinsic nature of the conga, the sketch gradually picks up momentum. All along the way Eichner delivers off-the-cuff asides like, “What about my new show? White People Holding Maracas?’” as he and Corden wave around the Spanish instruments or, “Would you watch my new show ‘Sharing a Salad with Thandie Newton?’” What about ‘Comedians Sit in Silence with Chrissy Teigen?’”

In his classic no apologies fashion, Eichner puts it right out there: “I’m trying to appeal to the masses! It doesn’t have to be good; it just has to autoplay on Facebook!” Much of Eichner’s comedic appeal shows itself as he desperately sprints around L.A. coercing pedestrians to join the line, openly announcing, “Yes! Please! Keep congaing! Please, I need ratings!”

Eichner also stars on “Difficult People,” a Hulu original comedy series in its second season with a third season on the way. Created by co-star Julie Klausner, the two play best friends bound by their love for show business and hatred for people. Both characters’ Judaism comes to light regularly throughout the series: Eichner with his Orthodox brother (played by Fred Armisen) and Klausner, whose overbearing mother (Andrea Martin) nails the archetypal Jewish matriarch. 

As the video wraps up, Eichner makes a last-ditch effort to grow his line. Donning a red mask, he jumps in front of someone crossing the street asking if she like “carpool karaoke.” After she enthusiastically says yes he asks, “What about Deadpool karaoke?”

All we know is if we were around we would have jumped right in there.

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