Comedian Alex Edelman Riffs On Being An Orthodox Jew During Set On Conan

He is the twin brother of Israeli Olympian AJ Edelman.

Orthodox Jews got a shoutout on “Conan” recently when stand-up comedian Alex Edelman, 29, got up on stage in late February. As one such MOT, his set was dedicated to poking fun at his Orthodox Jewish upbringin. “I’ve tried cocaine, but I’ve never tried bacon,” the Boston native said to laughter. He then went on to riff on the complexity of some Jewish names. For instance, his is Dovid Yosef Shimon ben Elazar Reuven Halevi...Alex Edelman. “I have cousins Menachem and Yitzchak, you can’t even spell their names in English because there’s no English letter for phlegm!”


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