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Andy Cohen: The Jew Crush
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We’re live in the clubhouse with our latest Jew Crush

Andy Cohen has in a way become the chief rabbi of entertainment: the 48-year-old, Jewish, television and radio host, producer and author presides over pop culture, sitting at the helm of the “Real Housewives” franchise and many other successful entrepreneurial ventures. He is also like a rabbi in the sense that he offers pearls of wisdom, often cloaked in witticisms and has a practiced hand at mediating conflict (ahem: once again, the “Real Housewives”). Cohen, (full name is Andrew Joseph Cohen), was born and raised in St. Louis, and in a recent video he spoke out against the vandalism at the Jewish cemetery where some of his relatives including his great-grandparents were buried, condemning the attacks.

Seven reasons we have a Jew crush on Andy Cohen:

1. Unstoppable machine. There’s a reason Cohen has won an Emmy Award, two Peabody Awards, has been selected as one of Broadcasting & Cable’s “Digital All-Stars” and was named one of Multichannel News’ “40 Under 40” broadcasting executives. After being at the head of development at Bravo for over 10 years, he now serves as an executive producer of “The Real Housewives” franchise and is currently hosting his eighth season of the late-night talk show “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” which recently celebrated its 1,000th episode. The late night interactive show, which showcases a lit menorah front and center in its clubhouse, has welcomed a slew of famous faces including MOTs Isaac Mizrahi, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Joan Rivers, Bethenny Frankel, Jill Zarin, Jerry Seinfeld, Emmy Rossum, Lisa Kudrow, Frank Drescher, Idina Menzel, Rachel Bloom and Amy Schumer. Each episode features a “Mazel of the Day,” in which Cohen gives a shout out to someone deserving of a pat on the back for a good deed.

2. Trailblazer. Cohen is not just an inspiration to those with the gift of gab hankering to host celebrities in his or her own clubhouse one day, he is also a role model for members of the LGBTQ community: he is the first openly gay host of an American late-night talk show. 

3. The man is everywhere. A regular on “Today” and “Morning Joe,” Cohen has also co-hosted “The View” and “Live! with Kelly.” He’s also made guest appearances as himself on “Saturday Night Live,” “The Comeback,” and “Anderson Live.” Oh, and he also had a cameo in Lady Gaga’s music video for “G.U.Y.” N.B.D.



4. Way with words. If you’ve heard him speak you already know that the television producer can put a sentence or two together, but he’s also applied his silver tongue to the written word. Cohen has written a memoir, “Most Talkative: Stories from the front lines of pop culture” and two diaries, “The Andy Cohen Diaries” and “Superficial,” which all became New York Times Best Sellers.

5. On the air. In 2015, Cohen launched his own radio channel on SiriusXM called (spoiler alert) RadioAndy. The daily, live show featuring Cohen, Sandra Bernhard, Jon Alter, John Benjamin Hickey, and Bethheny Frankel offers an entertaining and humorous look at a scope of topics including travel, history, music, food, Judaism and politics.

6. Do gooder. Following the Orlando massacre Cohen partnered with Anderson Cooper on a national tour visiting over 20 cities. Their efforts raised $240,000 in the wake of the tragedy. Also, he recently displayed another menschly move when he surprised the “Today Show” host, Hoda Kotb’s, newborn adopted daughter with an enormous Snoopy doll on Wednesday.

7. Bar mitzvah beast. Cohen, who was bar mitzvahed in St. Louis, performed his ceremonial transition into Jewish adulthood in you guessed it: unique style. For his big day the TV star rocked a thick pair of tinted transition frames giving him the look of a scholarly, middle-aged professor. In an Instagram post showing off his bold spectacles he wrote the caption, “why WOULDN’T I wear transition glasses at my Bar Mitzvah???”

Cohen had a challenging experience learning Hebrew, which was revived in an off-Broadway show called “Stars of David,” featuring a song called “Yitzy Mengace” (his Bar Mitzvah tutor’s name), which was inspired by Cohen giving his teacher a tough time. In 2013, Mengace was a guest on “WWHL” and presented Cohen with a belated Bar Mitzvah gift: a Kiddush cup. Which we’re sure served the host well in the drinking game portion of the show.


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