"Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story"

Dir. Alexandra Dean (USA, 2017, 90 min.)

(Nov. 24-Dec. 5) — Hedy Lamarr, the 1940s screen siren, was called “the most beautiful woman in the world” and starred alongside Hollywood giants like Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Stewart, and Clark Gable on the big screen. Alexandra Dean’s illuminating documentary brings to light her lesser-known career as an inventor. Lamarr, an Austrian-Jewish émigré who acted by day and drew mechanical and electronic inventions by night, came up with a secret communication system called “frequency hopping” that revolutionized mobile communications. This feat would directly lead to the creation of secure communications for wireless phones, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi technology. Weaving in Lamarr’s own voice from archival recordings, Dean reveals how Lamarr gave her patent to the Navy, received no credit for her contributions, and wound up impoverished in her latter years. Lamarr’s fans never knew that in addition to her matchless beauty and electric screen persona, she possessed such a beautiful mind as well.

Screening all day Nov. 24-30 at IFC Center and at the following times at JCC Manhattan:

Saturday, Nov 25, 6:00 PMTickets
Saturday, Nov 25, 8:00 PMTickets
Sunday, Nov 26, 3:00 PMTickets
Sunday, Nov 26, 5:00 PMTickets
Thursday, Nov 30, 6:00 PMTickets
Thursday, Nov 30, 8:00 PMTickets

Appearances at JCC Manhattan: 

Director Alexandra Dean will do a Q&A after the 6 and 8 PM shows on Saturday, Nov. 25.
Producer Adam Haggiag will do the Q&A on Sunday, Nov. 26 after the 3PM.

Appearances at IFC Center:

Fri Nov 24: Q&A with director Alexandra Dean and producer Adam Haggiag following the 5:45 show!
Fri Nov 24: Intro and Q&A with director Alexandra Dean and producer Adam Haggiag at the 7:55 show! 
Sat Nov 25: Q&A with producer Adam Haggiag at the 5:45 and 7:55 shows! 
Mon Nov 27: Q&A with director Alexandra Dean at the 7:55 show!                              Q&A with director Alexandra Dean at the 7:55 show! 
Wed Nov 29: 

Q&A with director Alexandra Dean at the 7:55 show!

“A thoroughly engaging eye-opening showbiz doc!” — Hollywood Reporter

"Now people have a chance to learn the truth." — Vanity Fair

Winner of Audience Award at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 
Winner of the “Adrienne Shelly Excellence in Filmmaking Award” at the Nantucket Film Festival


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Thursday, November 30, 2017 (All day)


Various cinemas in New York, NY