The Blueprint Team

Josh Weiss I  Editor

Josh Weiss is a lover of pop culture, he loves reading and writing about movies, superheroes, hardboiled noir mysteries, and alternate histories. With a ridiculous passion for music, he collects vinyl and listens to the tunes of a bygone era. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshuaHWeiss.

Charles Rosenthal New Media Art Director, JWMG

Charles J. Rosenthal is a talented painter, animator, and graphic designer. He has lived, worked as a wildlife researcher, and backpacked throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. He currently resides in Brooklyn, the center of the universe, with his long-suffering girlfriend Kimberly Switzer, their beautiful golden retriever (read: surrogate daughter) Squid.


J.E. ReichContributing writer

J.E. Reich’s fiction has appeared in Armchair/Shotgun, Everyday Genius, Volume 1 Brooklyn, gigantic sequins, Plain China; The Best of Undergraduate Writing 2010, and other publications. A Brooklyn resident, Reich is a contributor for Thought Catalog, The Huffington Post, and Medium, and is working on her first novel. Her e-book The Demon Room is out now. Follow her on Twitter @jereichwrites.


Vanessa AverbachContributing writer

In addition to working as a contributing writer for Blueprint, Vanessa Averbach is a full-time high school English teacher in Los Angeles. She is always appreciative of an apple from a student. In her spare time she enjoys running, traveling, and reading.


Alison SilverContributing writer

Alison Silver began her writing career during high school, where she contributed to the school paper, “The Boiling Point.” After graduating from Yeshiva University with a bachelor’s degree in English Communications, she moved back to Los Angeles, where she began her career as a marketing professional. Although she doesn’t work full time as a writer, she enjoys sharing her thoughts and experiences on being a young professional in the Los Angeles Jewish community.


Miss AlephColumnist

A writer living and working in Jerusalem, Miss Aleph contributes bi-monthly scintillating and hysterical updates on the life of an attractive Jewish thirty-something who recently made aliya from America and is seeking her bashert. Hijinks ensue.


Barbaila, a.k.a. Barbara HellerContributing writer

Barbara Heller is a writer and actress living in LA. She has written for, acted in, sung, and done Voice Over for mostly comedic works including sitcoms, web series, kids shows for stage and screen, as well as her original musical theater dramedy called Finding Barb. You can find out more about her at as well as


Michele ChabinContributing writer

Michele Chabin gave up a job at Cosmopolitan mag and a rent-stabilized apartment in Greenwich Village to move to Israel, where she edited the Jerusalem Post's entertainment section. Today she's the Israel correspondent for USA Today and the NY Jewish Week.


Rebecca Markowitz BerensteinContributing writer

Rebecca, originally from New Jersey, moved to Israel in her Rutgers University graduation cap and gown. Well, not exactly, but very soon after. She currently lives in Jerusalem with her Peruvian husband and spends most of her time trying to understand her trilingual daughter.  She loves reading and rating books on Goodreads and is always looking for a good book recommendation if you have one!



Arnie SingerBlogger

Arnie Singer is the Founder/CEO of the popular online Jewish dating and matchmaking site He is also the author of several books including From I to I Do: How to Meet, Date, and Marry Your Mr. Right, and blogs at


Dr. Georgina RoseBlogger

Dr. Georgina Rose Haden, an internist, relationship expert, and author of ‘Are You Ready for the One? A Career Woman’s Guide to Finding Your Man’ is originally from Geneva, Switzerland. After discovering how difficult it is to date in the world’s most dynamic city, Georgina decided to interview single and married women of all ages and backgrounds and pen a guide to help single women find the right match. She is currently taping her talk show, ‘On the Spot With Dr. G,’ where she asks celebrities and other professionals about their romantic relationships. Follow her on Twitter @drgeorginarose and check out more of her writing at her website

Are you ready for the one? A career woman’s guide to finding your man:



Avigayil Perry Contributing Writer

A resident of upstate New York, Avigayil is a writer and calendar editor for Los Angeles Blueprint and assists with calendar research for NY Blueprint. Avigayil has been with Blueprint since being acquired by The Jewish Week Media Group and worked with former owner Miriam Eljas Goldman.


Rob GoldblumManaging Editor, The Jewish Week

Rob is the managing editor of The Jewish Week and a key professional in all editorial decisions involving The Jewish Week Media Group. An unflappable executive at The Jewish Week for 20 years, Rob worked prior to this at the Baltimore Jewish Times and The National, a daily sports newspaper.