"32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide"

A few days before December 12, 2008, the filmmaker's sister Ruth Litoff, a downtown artist from a well-to-do New York Jewish family, decorated her Manhattan loft like a beautiful stage set with fifteen suicide notes surrounding her and specially selected gifts for her closest friends. The police officer whispered,  “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The film begins on the day Ruth was found dead and traces her fascinating life and work — punctuated by incredible highs and lows and secrets and lies. She excelled at everything she did. Why would she want to die?

Ruth was incredibly dynamic and her creative mind — whether responding to or resulting from her mental illness — was never still. She was sexual, never without a boyfriend, and took nude photos of every one she ever had. She was desperate to understand who she was, and took hundreds of self-portraits that alternated between pride and self-loathing.  Photography was her main medium but she also created collages, drawings, wry cartoons and videos; even her many suicide attempts were artfully documented.

Dec. 1-3: Q&As with Director Hope Litoff and Producer Beth Levison at 5:10PM & 7:10PM.


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